6 Creative Gift Ideas for Your Little Princess

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Little Girl Playing With Mom's Jewelry

We all have a little princess in our lives who can’t seem to get enough of dress up time. And we just can’t get enough of her enthusiasm for all things pretty and fantastical. This holiday season, get her a gift that will make playtime even better. Here are just a few of our favorite ideas:

  1. Porcelain Tea Set

What’s better than a fairy princess tea party? Spare your own china and give one of these porcelain sets a try. Although porcelain can be fragile, these dishes are too small to break and tend to be safe for children.

  1. The Paper Bag Princess

There are plenty of books that can make a wonderful princess-themed story time for you and your daughter. However, this one is a classic, and it has a different spin from most princess stories you’ve heard. This heroine is the bold master of her own fate, and both you and your daughter will enjoy this fun, adventurous read.

  1. Princess Castle Tent

Speaking of story time, this tent makes a perfect reading nook. It’s also ideal for sleepovers and even dramatic reenactments of her favorite stories. Accessorize with fairy lights for a truly magical atmosphere.

  1. Princess Vanity

During dress up time, the only thing as fun as trying out some new clothes is trying out a new hairstyle, or perhaps some glamorous makeup. A cute mirror and playset can provide all the fun without the mess. On the other hand, you might want to equip your vanity with some washable makeup or fun hair accessories.

  1. Kids’ Polaroid Camera

If your daughter is a little bit older, she might enjoy being able to record her adventures. An easy-to-use, hard-to-break polaroid camera takes snapshots of precious moments, even when mom and dad aren’t around to enjoy them.

  1. Princess Fantasy Dress Up Chest

With this dress up chest, the adventure never stops, and the ideas never stop flowing. Mix and match an assortment of skirts, tops, shoes, capes, and accessories to create your princess’ signature look, or to change from one character to another. This dress up chest is a great way to get all of your child’s friends in on the fun, as well. Ready for more? You can also try out our Enchanted Fairytale Dress Up Chest, or the Royal Jewels Princess Chest.

Here at Teetot, we’re proud to make exceptional dress-up products that fuel your child’s imagination and make playtime extra special. Questions? Check out our FAQ page, or give us a call.

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