Living the Fin-tasy: Why Mermaid Costumes Are So Popular With Kids

Little girl in mermaid costume

Playing dress-up is a fun and important part of children’s play. It gives your child the chance to make what they’re playing feel real while also promoting independence. It helps inspire their imaginations and create fantastical worlds for themselves. Dress-up allows children to roleplay and learn how to problem solve on their own.

A dress-up favorite for many children is mermaids. These underwater maidens are a popular piece of mythology that delights so many children. So what is it that draws kids to these figures?

Under the Sea

There have been myths and folktales about mermaids since around 1000 BC. Throughout their history, the stories have evolved from tragic tales about loss and heartbreak to fantastical fables. One of the most beloved mermaid stories is The Little Mermaid.

This Danish fairy tale was written by Hans Christian Anderson, who was the author of countless fairy tales including Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling, and The Snow Queen. When the story was adapted by Disney, it captured the hearts and minds of children everywhere. The fantastical story inspired so many children to want to pretend to be Ariel and go on their own undersea adventures with her friends.

Ignite a New Interest

The enchantment of mermaids works very easily to draw children in as well. Their most well-known features-- their sparkling fishtails, flowing locks of hair, and their tasteful seashell accessorizing-- are all exciting to dress-up with.

The ocean is one of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of our world. It’s full of mysteries and unique creatures unlike anything we’ve seen above the surface. Imagining the lives of these mythological creatures gives kids a chance to come up with a magical undersea world. They can imagine swimming with dolphins, befriending fish, and exploring the ocean floor. It can get them interested in learning about marine life and the dangers of pollution in a fun and interesting way.

Looking for Your Child’s Next Mermaid Costume?

Teetot’s beautiful mermaid costume is the perfect addition to your child’s playtime activities. It features the perfect mermaid tail with shiny blue scales and pretty purple accents. The fin arm warmers, iridescent bead necklace, and shell crown are the perfect accessories to complete this dress-up outfit.

Your child will love pretending to meet new fish friends and discovering the mysteries of the ocean in this costume.

Teetot offers a variety of high-quality costumes to make every playtime memorable for your child. Our costumes are comfortable and built to last. Check out our catalog of impressive costumes and dress-up clothes or contact us today for questions.

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