Girl wearing a children's costume dressed as a green fairy with golden lace, glittered wings, butterfly wand and green headband.
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Enchanted Fairy Costume

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"In my world, I am a garden fairy. I protect the gems of the land, grant wishes for those who do good and send love from deep inside my heart to the whole world."

There is nothing like flying around a magical garden, granting wishes and chasing dragonflies. With our Enchanted Fairy costume, your little one will have endless adventures filled with magic and wonder.

Our Enchanted Fairy costume is perfect for those with love for kittens, flowers, puppies and all the magic things in the world.

Our fairy costume is designed with a fairy dress with gold trim and a multi-layer skirt.

Accessories include:

  • Fairy Wings
  • Jeweled wand
  • Headband

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      Sizing of Teetot's costumes are age-based to international standards for average children's measurements and come in up to three sizes for age ranges 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 year olds. Since age is just one factor in determining the best size to fit your child, here's a handy chart to assist you:

      GRAPHIC  showing visual for weight and height sizing for teetot costumes


      Small 3/4
      3-4 Years
      36-42 inches 29-40 lbs 19-22 inches
      Medium 5/6
      5-6 Years
      42-47 inches 41-50 lbs 22-24 inches
      Large 7/8
      7-8 Years
      47-52 inches 51-62 lbs 24-26 inches

      We recommend starting with your child's age, then confirming their height and weight falls inside the ranges shown. If your child is between sizes then please consider choosing the larger size. Teetot children's costumes are designed and constructed to be worn again and again as your child grows; for example, elastic waistbands allow for growth and almost every build.

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