3 Reasons To Encourage Girls & Boys Costumes for Dress-Up and Pretend

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Here at Teetot, we are proud to offer a diverse array of girls and boys costumes that are designed not just for Halloween wear, but for all seasons of pretend play wear. Dressing up in costumes is an incredibly important type of play that we strongly believe every child needs to partake in.

The following is a look at just three important reasons why parents should either step back or actively encourage dress-up and pretend play by purchasing girls or boys costumes:

3 Reasons Dress-Up & Pretend Play Is Important

  1. Improve communication skills. It's important not to just focus on what physical type of girls or boys costumes one wears for dress-up, ie chef, fireman or princess, but also what type of language that costume brings with it. For example, when your child dresses up as a chef, then not only are they trying out those physical costume attributes of a chef's hat, apron, pot, and spoon, but they also are trying out the language that goes with it. Dressing up absolutely forces children to experiment with new language terms, speaking as a chef might, in this example. You can call it 'play,' but in reality, your child is practicing and learning new words and phrases that they would otherwise not use due to their not performing the actions necessary to try them out.
  2. Improve problem-solving. In addition to experimenting with new language, taking on pretend roles also encourages children to solve new types of problems. For example, your child wants to dress up in military-oriented boys costumes and play spymaster with their friends in the backyard, so they will need to figure out how to find the enemy, how to move without being seen, how to use their tools to track, etc. Additionally, pretend play requires planning, and when you have two or more kids playing pretend together, it requires them to collaborate and make decisions, such as choosing which kid will play which role. These are fantastic thinking and collaboration skills that every parent should want to see and foster in their children.
  3. Boost self-esteem. When your child puts on girls or boys costumes and enters the world of their hero or the world of a new professional, it becomes their world. They get to control the story, they get to discover who they are and this will undoubtedly give them a greater sense of self and boost their self-esteem. Not so sure about this? Just consider why adults dress up in fancy clothes before a big event, like a business conference or wedding. When we look good, when we take on that more professional aesthetic, we naturally feel more confident in ourselves.

Have Your Kids Get Their Girls & Boys Costumes at Teetot

Here at Teetot, we are proud to be in the business of helping every girl and boy find those perfect girls and boys costumes to take their pretend play to the next level. Learn more by visiting our website and browsing our selection.

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