Tips & Tricks to Supporting Kids Dress Up

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Dressing up in costumes is one of the most important types of play every child should experience and should be encouraged to do. That's because when kids dress up, they dress up more than just clothes. They learn new words and activities as they role play a character, they gain more confidence in themselves as they explore their own self within the role, and their imagination blooms as they expore the possibilities. When kids dress up with others, they also improve their communication and relationship skills as they expand their imagination to that child's imagination and play.

Most kids will take naturally to playing dress up -- but most is not all. If you have a shy child or one that is otherwise unsure of new ideas or new concepts, don't fret! Often, children just need a little encouragement to try something new like kids dress up. Get started with your child today with the following tips and tricks:

Tips & Tricks To Supporting Kids Dress Up

  • Make supplies easy to access. Some kids just need time to approach something new on their own. So when it comes to kid costumes and dress-up items, don't hide them in an area out of reach. Create a space where your child can easily access them on their own during their playtime. Good ideas to make sure costumes are properly displayed for easy access and grabbing include placing them in a clear, transparent bin or hanging them up on a mini clothing rack out in the play area.
  • Regularly rotate items. Keeping things fresh and interesting is important to many children. But at the same time presenting too many options at one time can feel overwhelming to the timid child. As such, it's a good idea as a parent to have a variety of costume items on hand, but to regularly rotate a few of them at a time. This will give your child "new" things to be interested in without making them feel like it's too many things to choose from. Plus, this type of rotation has the added benefit to you as a parent in seeing what your child is most interested in.
  • Know when to jump in and when to jump out. Playing with your children is a fantastic way to support kids dressing up and acting out roles. You'll be able to offer some guidance and structure to their play as well as encourage them to make decisions. Just know that arguably the most important part about stepping in to play with your children is knowing the right moment to step back. Once your child is comfortable with their dress up and is letting their imagination take their play to new heights, step back and let them go.

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