Games for the Girl Who Loves Her Cowgirl Costume

Does your child love yelling yee-haw and pretending her bicycle is a horse as she "gallops" around the neighborhood? If so, then you aren't the only family with a child dreaming of cowgirl and rodeo dreams! Our Teetot Cowgirl Costume is designed with just such girls in mind. But once your daughter dons this special cowgirl costume, what other types of ranch-life games might she play? Consider the following for some inspiration:

Games for the Girl Who Loves Her Cowgirl Costume

  • Tin can targets. This one is fun whether it's just your little cowgirl, or if she's having a friend or two, or a whole party. You will have to do some long-term pre-prep. Start by saving all your aluminum cans, like soup, vegetable, and bean cans. Clean and wash them properly, sanding down any sharp ends. When time comes for the activity, line all the tin cans up on the edge of a long bench, sawhorse, or something similar. You should aim for between three to five tin cans for every participant. Give every child a squirt gun and a bottle for refilling and then let them go at it, trying to knock down the tin cans. You can make this competition based or just have it be a fun activity. Just be prepared that when the tin cans all fall down, the cowgirls and cowboys might turn on each other for a fun water gun fight.
  • Sheriff says. Instead of "Simon says," have a twist on the classic game by making kids sheriffs and outlaws. The Sheriff plays the role of Simon to get people to follow commands like "pretend you are waving a lasso" or "stomp three times" and see who forgets or who messes up. This is a good ice breaker game that can quickly grow to be a general game of cowgirls, cowboys, and outlaws running about.
  • Horse races amidst an obstacle course. This game is probably best for younger kids for whom stick horses or ponies can be made and eagerly enjoyed. For best times, don't make it a simple start and finish line. Instead, make the race more of a Wild Wild West theme by including western-themed obstacles. For example, you might have straw bales for racers to jump over or climb and jump off of. Or you might have piles of stuffed animals that are to be sheep or cows that the cowboys and cowgirls have to ride around.

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