Playing It Safe With Dress-Up

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Playing dress-up, whether it is in a SWAT team costume or a princess costume, is a wonderful way for kids to experience new character roles and express themselves. However, as fantastic as dressing up is, there are some important safety things all parents should keep in mind as they help their child pick their costume and orient their play.

Playing Safe With Dress-Up

  • Check for flame-resistant materials. This safety tip is especially important if your child plans on wearing their SWAT team costume or other type of costume during Halloween when they will be near lit jack o' lanterns and likely a backyard fire or two. Too many cheap costumes use highly flammable materials in an effort to cut costs. Do not fall for them. Instead, check labels and make sure you're buying children costumes that are made with naturally more flame resistant materials. As a rule of thumb, polyester and nylon-majority costumes are the best choices, as these fibers naturally resist flaming. Teetot's costumes are made with cotton, cotton blends, polyester and nylon and the accessories are plastic.
  • Confirm eye holes and make bigger if necessary. If your child is getting a costume with eye holes, make sure that the mask, hood, or whatever it is that obstructs their face does not obstruct their vision and that it appropriately fits their head. One common accident with children's costumes that happens with masks is the mask slipping or the eye holes being otherwise too small and causing a trip and fall accident. Double-check your child's mask and its eye holes on your child before letting them run off and play in it. The mask should fit snugly and there should be wide openings for the eyes so that it does not slip so badly as to obstruct vision. If your child loves the costume but the eye holes are too small, then you can DIY it by enlargening them. Teetot's costumes are designed thoughtfully with children and size in mind, helping prevent this issue.
  • Be thoughtful about the props. A great costume often requires some sort of props. What is a pirate without a cutlass or a fairy princess without a wand? The best costume props for children are those that simulate the real item but also are soft, pliable, and durable. When it comes to weapons, make sure you are not going too real-life. For example, if your child insists on a toy gun with their cowboy or SWAT team costume, make sure it is a readily accessible toy, such as a lime green squirt gun. Teetot's prop toys are made with plastic and keep children's heavy usage and durability in mind.

For the Best in Safe, Comfortable, and Durable Costumes, Head To Teetot

Our team at Teetot is proud to have provided tens of thousands of children with safe, comfortable, and durable costumes in which they can play out their dream role. Learn more about our dedication to quality assurance and browse our selection by visiting our website.

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