Princess Dress Up Games

If your child loves to play princess dress up, then you might consider taking that play style and going to the next level with their friends by throwing a princess-themed party. A princess party doesn't have to be for a special occasion and it doesn't have to be extra-extravagant for your child and those invited to have fun. In fact, all you need for the perfect princess dress up party are some costumes or basic dresses and the right mix of games.

What type of princess dress-up games you ask? Consider the following classics:

Great Princess Dress Up Games Children Will Love

  • Cinderella's Lost Slipper. This is a perfect princess game, no matter which of the princesses your child loves most. Simply ask all the kids to take off their shoes when they arrive, and while they are doing something else, hide them in another room. Put one slipper/token into either one shoe (so there's only one winner) or put one slipper/token into each shoe (so everyone gets to win) and set the kids off to search for the "magical" lost slipper.
  • Fin-legged Race. Does your child love The Little Mermaid? If so, then this is a fantastic dress-up game. In a fin-legged race, you will divide the children into teams of two. Tie each child's legs together with soft green fabric and have them make-pretend they are mermaids who must swim across the shore in order to become human princesses. Create a start and ending side and whoever reaches the land first becomes crowned. Once on land or across the finish line, the children can continue on the princess play. This is a great game if the children are shy, as it will get their energy up and have them easily segue into their own make-believe games.
  • A Balloon Ball. This party game is a great way to set the stage for the party. Here, you will cover a floor in your home with colorful balloons filled with regular air. Then, as a party game, give each child a magical wand (which doubles as a take-home gift) and tell them that their princess mission is to keep the balloons in the air. You can make this a timed mission, or assign children different colors and make things slightly competitive by having children sit down when their balloons hit the floor until there is only one person standing.

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Princesses are one of those fantastic archetypes in which children can easily take anything and make-believe they are princesses. A simple dress can some pretty shoes can take them from home into make-believe land. To really inspire your child in their princess dreams and play, consider visiting our online store and browsing our many princess gowns.

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