A Look at Why Kids Love Pirates

Stern kid pirate captain

From Disney’s Neverland to the Muppets and everything in between, pirates have always captured the imaginations and hearts of children. They’ve been the subjects of everything from amusement park rides to books to movies and more. What is it about these swashbucklers that make kids so excited?

A Brief History of Pirates

The history of piracy begins over 2000 years ago in Ancient Greece. Sea robbers challenged and looted people along trade routes. They definitely couldn’t be mistaken for the good guys in history.

The Golden Age of Piracy lasted for one hundred years beginning in 1620. Three of the most well-known types of pirates at this time were:

  • Buccaneers - These pirates were semi-lawful. They were known for targeting Spanish ships and ports in the Caribbean.
  • Privateers - These were lawful pirates who were permitted to attack and plunder ships owned by enemy nations by their government. They then would share the profits they stole with the government.
  • Corsairs - These pirates were very similar to buccaneers but were specific to the Mediterranean Sea.

Each pirate ship had its own set of rules that laid out who did which chores, how the treasure would be divided, and what was expected of everyone. One of the most common rules for these ships was that fighting aboard was not allowed. Fights would have to wait until they got to shore.

The most famous and terrifying pirate in history was Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard. His most well-known intimidation tactic was to place slow-burning hemp cords into his hair and beard and light them before capturing a ship. There were also female pirates who sailed the seven seas! Some of the most famous female pirates were Anne Bonny, Grace O’Malley, Cheng I Sao, Rachel Wall, and Mary Read.

Why Kids Love Pirates

It’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly it is about pirates that excites children. There’s a sense of danger with piracy that is exciting and inspires imagination. The freedom to sail the oceans, exploring the world, and discovering buried treasure. Role-playing with pirate dress up lets children go on daring adventures full of thrills and mystery. They can work together with their friends, create their own props like treasure maps, and so much more. It’s a fun way to get their creative juices flowing!

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