Blanking On Halloween Ideas? Go For the Timeless Kid's Knight Costume

Knights and tales of their glory set either in the real Medieval Ages or in a fantasy world based on that era will always be popular and capture the imagination of both youth and adults. Just look at how popular the War of the Roses-based series Game of Thrones was and continues to be. Last year, the knight-centric film The Kid Who Would Be King was released and next year, The Green Knight will be released.

Simply put, from tots to teens to those in their twenties and beyond, the daring deeds of knights will always capture the imagination and as such, if you are at a loss on what to suggest your child dress up as this Halloween, then you really can never go wrong with a knight costume.

Why You Can't Go Wrong With the Timeless Knight Costume

The Dark Ages or the Middle Ages were times that bridged the gap between barbarism and modernism. They were a simpler period in which there was a clear good and clear bad. The knight saves the maiden and takes on the dragon. The knight vanquishes evil with the tip of the sword and brings justice to the masses. It is possibly this clear distinction that makes them so appealing to young kids.

Or, of course, it could just be that waving a sword around is fun! And it is! That's why our team at Teetot is so excited to have designed several fantastic kid's knight costume options. These Boys and Girl's knight costume options include:

  • The Dragon Knight. This sleek knight costume is perfect for the tyke who loves shows, books, games, and other types of stories that pair knights with dragons.
  • The Winter Knight. TIs your child into epic fantasy?  Our "Game Of Thrones" inspired Winter Knight will spark their imagination.
  • Knight in Shining Armor. A true storybook knight costume! If your child likes the idea of swishing back a red cape as they strike fear into the neighborhood dragon, then they'll love this kid's knight costume.

Of course, knights rarely travel on their own, and so if you're wanting to have complimentary costume ideas in which you or the entire family can match as a theme, then starting with a knight is a great idea. With one or more children dressing up in a toddler knight costume, other family members can go as dragons, princesses, kings, queens, the trusty steed, and so much more.

When It Comes To A High Quality Knight Costume, No One Delivers Like Teetot Does

We know you have a  lot of options when it comes to buying your child a toddler knight costume or other Halloween costume, but we believe our costumes to be the best choice available. Our team is proud to provide our customers with a great array of affordable yet incredibly quality costumes. Visit our online store today to see our available toddler knight costumes and learn more about our fantastic reputation.

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