Encouraging Creative Racecar Driver Play

 Kids racing in a soap box derby

When it comes to childhood, one of the most iconic images is a toddler pushing a toy truck around. One hundred years ago, that truck might have been a carved wooden piece, while today, we have big-name toy manufacturers who create very authentic-looking toy racecars. While many kids will eventually put away their toy vehicles as they grow-up, quite a few will remain enamored with these types of toys for many more years -- including some who will start to take playing to the next level with racecar driver dress-up.

Encouraging Creative Racecar Driver Play

Encouraging your child to continue to play with cars and even to take it to the next level by playing dress-up as a racecar driver is important because of how many different avenues that love can play out in. For example, children who are encouraged to look at and wonder about the engines may later find a love for mechanics that will foster exciting career options.

Of course, all that is in the future. In the present, a child that wants to dress up in a racecar driver costume may simply want to race. It's not too hard to see why racecar driving gets some kids so excited. Children who cannot drive do not have agency about where they go. They get strapped in while the parent takes them around in the car. In contrast, a child who gets behind the wheel of a pretend car can go where they want to go. Encouraging this type of independence in young kids is always good, as it builds up confidence and helps them explore their agency.

Plus, they may even develop a very healthy hobby with racecar driving. The New York Times recently published this interesting article regarding how quickly and how widely-spread racecar driving for kids has become. Called quarter-midget racing due to size of the vehicles, these races are a great way to have children play out their dreams and build upon key skills like collaboration, communication, and sociability.

Getting the Right Racecar Driver Costume

Of course, you don't have to go all out and have your child be an actual racecar driver in one of these quarter-midget racing vehicles to have them partake in healthy racecar driving dress-up. All you really need is a quality racecar driver costume and some key props that will help them really take their imaginative play to the next level. And here at Teetot, we have just what you and your child need.

Our fantastic racecar driver costume includes a red metallic driver jumpsuit that comes pre-embroidered with patches -- although you might encourage your child to add their own as well! A thick fabric racecar driver's helmet also comes with every purchase.

For more information about this costume and other authentic dress up costumes, contact our team at Teetot today.

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