Famous Knights from History and Today

Children learn through play, which makes it fun but also important to provide them with the building blocks for the lessons we want them to learn. Knight dress up can encourage kids to act out the qualities a knight is supposed to have, such as honesty, bravery, and kindness. Here are some important knights throughout history and today that your child will love to emulate through knight dress up.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Perhaps some of the first characters to come to mind when you think of knights are King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. King Arthur is thought to have been a real king, but much of what we know of him and his knights is from legends that have been passed down through the ages. Still, King Arthur and his knights have shaped our concept of the bravery, chivalry, and heroism of knighthood.

Saint George

Saint George is another legendary knight with a basis in history. Although he was not technically knighted, he was a real soldier in the Roman army. After he was martyred as a Christian, his legend grew, until storytellers had him slaying dragons and saving princesses. Today, kids know him as the hero of Saint George and the Dragon.

Sir William Wallace

A real-life hero of Scotland, Sir William Wallace is believed to have been knighted by Scotland's future king, Robert the Bruce, after leading a heroic battle for Scotland's freedom. Legend tells us that Wallace's fight against England began as a fight to avenge his wife, Marion's, honor. He was ultimately captured by the British, but Scotland eventually won its freedom under Robert the Bruce, thanks in part to Sir William Wallace.

Joan of Arc

Women were not knighted in her time, but any true knight would recognize the same qualities in Joan of Arc. Now recognized as a national hero of France, Joan of Arc led armies to defend France against English invaders as a teenager. In recognition for her dedication to the French throne, she and her family were granted titles and nobility. She was thrown from her horse, captured, and executed when she was 19, but has since been canonized as a saint.

Knights of Today

Modern knights might not wear heavy armor or ride their warhorses into battle, but they have all been recognized for their contributions. Often knighted people include famous actors or entertainers, such as Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Sean Connery, and Sir Elton John. Women can be knighted too, although they are known as dames, such as Dame Helen Mirren and Dame Maggie Smith.

Give Your Child a Real-Life Role Model

Knight dress up is a great way to teach kids about everything from history and culture, to higher level concepts, such as bravery and morality. Kids love finding out that knights were real people and did real (and great) things. For knight dress up that will thrill your child's heart, browse our wide variety of costumes today.

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