Tips for Children's Tea Parties

Little girl in backyard having a tea party with cakes

Whether you're celebrating a holiday, birthday, or ordinary day, children's tea parties can be as fun to plan as they are to carry out. Choose a theme, plan for details such as invitations and the menu, and give guests an opportunity to wear their little girl dress up clothes to a real event. Here are a few ideas of how to make your tea party magical.

Choose a Theme

First things first: Pick a theme to tie everything together! Little girl dress up clothes always include princess dresses for a reason, so a princess theme is always a guaranteed hit. An Alice in Wonderland "un-birthday" theme could also be lots of fun to plan. Other possibilities include springtime, flowers, or rainbows. For older girls, you could use the tea party to celebrate a specific time period, culture, or fantasy genre.

Invite the Guests

Once you have a theme, it's time to compile the guest list. Will the guests be friends? Dolls? Bears? Invitations can be used to give the tea party a more formal theme, and if friends are coming over, the invitations can indicate the theme and other instructions. Should each little girl bring a doll or bear to join the tea party? Should they come dressed up, or will you have a selection of little girl dress up clothes available for the guests to choose from?

Plan the Menu

Part of the fun of having a tea party is all of the pretty little treats. For human guests, make things like petite cucumber sandwiches and scones. Fancier pastries might be best acquired from a bakery. For doll and bear guests, treats can be made out of modeling dough. Don't forget pretty dishes and table linens for the finishing touches!

Provide Activities

If you're going to have a table full of little girls at your tea party, it's important to also plan activities to keep them entertained for the duration of the party. You can draw inspiration for crafts from all of the suggestions above. For instance, you could make crowns for a princess theme, decorate cupcakes, or create treats for their dolls or bears with modeling dough.

Dress the Part

Part of what makes tea parties so fun is getting dressed up, so make sure that whatever else you plan, you also provide the opportunity to dress the part. Encouraging children to dress up is always a good idea, but just in case the kids don't come prepared, be sure to also have a selection of little girl dress up clothes on hand. For more ideas for dress up, themes, and more, be sure to browse our wide variety of high-quality costumes. Contact us today to learn more.

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