Want To Promote Patriotic Play? Consider These Special Forces Costume Ideas

Boy dressed as a fighter pilot

You don't have to have a military kid to have a kid who wants to dress up and be patriotic, to want to dress up and play in some type of special forces costume. While some kids love to play-act as a costumed superhero from their favorite comic book, many others prefer to look up and aspire to those heroes they see around them. If you have a child that wants to be a hero, to play as a character or career that they can actually aspire to become, then encourage it! There are a ton of fantastic patriotic-themed kid costumes that are sure to appeal to that burgeoning community-minded spirit. The following is a look at just a few of our favorites:

Want To Promote Patriotic Play? Consider These Special Forces Costume Ideas

  • Firefighter. A firefighter costume is a fantastic costume for young kids who are community-minded and love big vehicles. Of course, there's not a lot to not like about the idea of riding on a screaming fire engine and working to fight fires and save the neighborhood cat. The firefighter costume we have boasts quality reflective material and comes, of course, with a very authentic-looking firefighter helmet.
  • Fighter PilotMaybe your child wants to go bolder than firetrucks and wants instead to play pretend as a fighter pilot roaming the skies and safeguarding the country. Fighter pilots are excellent costumes and excellent heroes for patriotic-oriented kids to look up to. Our fighter pilot costume comes outfitted with a fully loaded jumpsuit boasting plenty of gadgets and widgets to really get your kid's imagination going.
  • Special Forces CostumeIf your kid is a military kid who always looks up to their military mom or dad, or maybe your kid simply aspires to join the military due to a favorite relative, friend, or hero they saw on tv, then a special forces costume is a great idea. A special forces costume is a costume that really takes on the adventurous-spirit of the military. They can go on secret missions, pretending they are ambushing traitors or saving a hostage. Our special forces costume is comprised of a camouflage jumpsuit, a faux walkie talkie, compass, patriotic hat, and a vest outfitted with plenty of pockets to stuff all their favorite spy or mission gear in. This special forces costume is made of highly durable, high-quality materials because, after all, secret missions require plenty of crawling, running, and even climbing.

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The special forces costume and other costumes we've listed here are only a few of the fantastic patriotic-oriented costumes we have to offer. Visit our online store today to view our entire inventory and invite your kid to browse through each of our costumes (we also have a big-selling SWAT costume) to find the perfect one to fulfill their adventure games. Contact us today to learn more.

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