What Makes Teetot a Great Costume Company?

Mom and Dad holding kids wearing dressup costumes.

As a costume company, we take pride in our work and the effect that it has on the families, parents, caretakers, teachers, and children we serve. When you’re buying a costume for your child, it’s more than just a garment. A costume is a reservoir of imagination and growth. At Teetot, we value the families that utilize our products. Here are three value factors that we think make us more than just a costume company.

Safety Comes First

At Teetot, we value safety when it comes to the production of our costumes, as the health and welfare of children always comes first. All of our items undergo third party testing to meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s federal regulations and standards, as well as that of every state and locality in the United States. Since our products are sold all across the world, we also extend this to other countries and jurisdictions. Our costumes are worn by children all over the world, and we want to ensure their safety no matter where they live. Independent labs that we employ test our products and only when they receive an official safety certification do we ship them out to families.

Quality And Value Are Built In

At Teetot we believe that families need products that are both a good value and built to last. It's with this in mind that we design and build our Dress-Ups and Halloween Costumes strong enough to be handed down to little brothers and sisters, and at a price that delivers surprisingly high value in every costume.

We Are In This Together

Teetot is an imagination focused costume company that puts family first. At Teetot, we treat our employees like family, and that extends to everyone who our products reach. From our suppliers to our retail partners, we value treating everyone with respect. We know how costumes and play can be an important tool for child development and family bonding, and as a company, we’re proud to align our mission and products with the values your family prioritizes.

Teetot works hard to make more than just children’s costumes. We pride ourselves on building a company that you can trust and love. To purchase a costume from us or if you have a question, contact us anytime and we would be glad to assist you.

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