4 Concepts Kids Learn from Police Pretend Play

Police kid

Children's pretend play is more than just play. Kids learn important things through their play, from fine motor skills to life lessons. Dressing up, such as in a kids police costume, gives your child the chance to act out roles that are meaningful to him or her. Here are some important concepts your child explores while dressing up in a kids police costume and playing pretend.

Right vs. Wrong

One of the primary concepts your child gets to role play while wearing a kids police costume is the idea of right versus wrong. Kids have some idea of this already, of course, just from having rules and consequences in their own lives, but getting in trouble isn't fun. Police pretend play, on the other hand, gives them a chance to explore the ideas of right and wrong in a safe environment, usually them as the "good guy" doling out consequences. It's a good opportunity for you, as a parent or caregiver, to follow up their play with questions about what makes something right or wrong and how the police keep others safe.


The idea of consequences goes hand in hand with right and wrong. Kids already understand how consequences impact their own lives, but sometimes they don't always make the direct connection of why it works this way. Dressing up in a kids police costume enables them to act out how consequences work in the real world. As a parent or caregiver, you can ask questions about the scenarios they choose to role play, what the consequences mean, and how someone could avoid getting into trouble.

Helping Others

Police role playing shouldn't be all about the good guys versus the bad guys. Remind your child that many people become police officers because they want to help others, and encourage them to act out helping scenarios in their pretend play. Possible scenarios could be helping take care of a lost kid (such as a sibling, friend, or doll) or rescuing a pet.


Dressing up in a kids police costume is also an opportunity for kids to learn about equality. Sometimes kids can be a little rigid in their expectations for gender roles, however, so many parents and teachers believe in providing a variety of options at home and in their classrooms. If you notice a repetitive or stereotypical nature to the kids' play, you can always suggest they switch, and the other kid dresses up in the kids police costume this time.

Dress-up play may seem like just another day in your child's life, but they're learning important things through their play. That's why it's so important to get them high quality costumes that will stand the test of childhood. Costumes often become a favorite outfit and may be worn daily, put through rough play, or even slept in. For a wide variety of durable children's costumes, including a kids police costume, browse our collection today.

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