Famous Warriors From History and Legend

Boy dressed as Knight riding a rocking chair like a horse

Kids love to dress up as heroes, and what better heroes than the famous warriors in history and popular culture? Popular children's shows, movies, and other stories acknowledge and encourage children's love for heroes. If your child wants a warrior costume to dress up in and act out their dreams of heroism, here are a few beloved warriors in history to spark their curiosity.


Even before he was adopted by comic books and brought to the silver screen, Thor has been worshiped for centuries as the Norse god of thunder. Just like in the modern movies, the Norse god carried a hammer as a weapon, and was a fearsome warrior. In the Viking era, people even wore emblems of his hammer, and we still have a day of the week named after him: Thursday!


One of the greatest warriors from Roman times was Spartacus, a real man who has become legendary in everything he accomplished. Originally a soldier and a free man, Spartacus was enslaved by the Romans and forced to fight as a gladiator. Eventually, he and the other slaves revolted and escaped from their gladatorial school. Their main goal was freedom, but they were joined by other escaped slaves, and fought many battles against the Roman army before finally being stopped. If your child loves dressing up as a gladiator, be sure to share with them the historical fight for freedom that is associated with their warrior costume.


Mulan may be the subject of a couple of children's movies, but she may have been a real person, and at the very least, a figure of legend dating back many centuries. For those fierce little girls, Mulan is also a good example of a warrior who was also a woman. The way the story goes, Mulan disguised herself as a man and went to war so that her elderly father wouldn't have to. After a successful military career, she goes home and reveals her true identity, to everyone's great surprise.

Ching Shih

Speaking of great female warriors, did you know that one of the greatest pirates of all time was actually a woman? Ching Shih, who was already involved in running the massive pirate fleet she shared with her husband, inherited full control when he died. She was one of the most successful pirates in history, even winning battles with the Chinese navy, and she negotiated a pardon for herself and many of her men when she finally surrendered.

Kids love acting out heroic stories, and dressing up in a warrior costume gives them that opportunity. History and legend are both full of exciting adventures to capture children's imaginations!  If your child is interested in gods, gladiators, warriors, or pirates, be sure to browse our selection to find them the perfect warrior costume. Need additional help? Contact us today.

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