5 Fun Activities Kids Can Enjoy With Their Boys & Girls Pirate Costume

Kid Pirates playing on a raft

The ocean has always been, and likely always will be, something magical that mesmerizes people of all ages. For kids especially, the sea can be a place of wonder upon which anything can happen. Thus, it's no wonder that many children enter a point where they are fascinated by sailors and pirates and wish to don a boy or girls pirate costume as part of their creative play.

But a girls pirate costume is only part of the action. If your daughter is having trouble kickstarting their swash-buckling imagination (or you just like more structured play), then consider introducing these fun pirate play ideas:

5 Fun Activities Kids Can Enjoy With Their Boys & Girls Pirate Costume

  1. Treasure hunt. Just consider your own childhood pirates and the beloved film The Goonies. Going on treasure hunts is a big part of play as a pirate. Encourage your child to create their own treasure map or create one for them and send them out to find the buried treasure.
  2. Pirate movie night. Speaking of The Goonies, a family film night is a great way to bring the family together and talk about what your son or daughter finds most enthralling about pirates. For younger kids, check out Muppet Treasure Island and The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.
  3. Capture the flag. This game is great if you have four or more kids playing, but really you can play with as little as two. Here, you divide your pirates into two teams and each time hides their flag on their own secret island. The goal is to find the other team's flag without being "caught" or tagged by the opposing team and sent to a deserted island until rescue or game's end. This is a great one to play in a boys or girls pirate costume, but it isn't necessary.
  4. Make a personal pirate ship. We provide the boys pirate costume and girls pirate costume options, but it's up to you to build the pirate ship. The good news is all you need is some quality cardboard and something to draw or paint with. Give your child some picture books of pirates and Viking longboats to give them inspiration and then step back to let them create.
  5. Design a personal pirate flag and insignia. Building a pirate ship is just step one. No pirate ship or pirate crew is complete without a personal flag and insignia. This means more than just the standard Jolly Roger that consists of the traditional skeleton head and swords. Many famous (and even not-so-famous) pirates had their own flags. These flags were used much as traditional flags are used -- to identify who the ship belonged to. Encourage your son or daughter to think about what type of insignia they would like to have to signify who they are.

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