Why It's a Great Idea To Read Beautiful Fairy Tales To Your Children

Father reading to his child

There are a lot of different types of children's stories, with different genres and authors trending every other year. Yet, one genre that never really goes away–especially for parents of young children–is the fairy tale genre.

The fairy tale genre includes those stories that exist in a distant or make-believe lands in which imaginary creatures exist, such as elves and beautiful fairy queens. Some people confuse fairy tales with folk tales and the fantasy genre but, while similar, there are two key distinctions that distinguish fairy tales from others: Good triumphs over evil and there is always a happy ending. These two aspects aren't necessary for fantasy or folk tales (in fact, folk tales often have a rather bittersweet ending).

These unique aspects of fairy tales is a great lead-in into why it's a great idea to read fairy tales to your children:

Why Fairy Tales Are Great for Children

  • Good conquers evil. In the real world, things aren't black and white. Our post-modern anti-heroes often have good guys that are scoundrels and bad guys that we want to root for. Storylines get twisted and it isn't clear who is good or bad. These types of stories are fun for adults and it does reflect a sort of realism, a complexity we want to encourage our kids to think about. But when children are young, that is not the time. The simplicity of good being good and evil being evil is a good stepping stone for children who are trying to understand the world. A world in which good conquers evil is a reassuring one and one that parents should encourage children to embrace.
  • Actions have consequences. Characters in a fairy tale are often defined foremost by their actions and those actions have consequences. For example, stay kind and pure of heart and you become a fairy tale princess. If you are mean and choose evil, you are punished. This is a fundamental life lesson that is well taught through the magic of beautiful fairy tales.
  • Inspire imagination. Finally, fairy tales are dripping in magic and wonder. Reading about faraway kingdoms and whimsical creatures is a great way to inspire creativity and imagination in your child. A well-written, beautiful fairy tale can inspire your child to dream up their own fairy tale kingdoms and give them exciting role play ideas to explore. For example, maybe they want to try their hand at being the brave knight who conquers the evil dragon. Or maybe they will play as a beautiful fairy princess who dines with the gnomes and elves.

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