Amazing Dress Up Ideas for Little Girls

Little Girl dressed up looking in mirror

Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never really ends.” – Kate Spade

Teetot loves the way a little girl’s face lights up when she dons her favorite costume. Little girls' dress up provides hours of fun, independent play. Playing dress-up is a time-honored tradition that generations of girls have embraced. Thanks to Teetot, children have access to a wide array of costumes, from the fantastical to the realistic. Bolster their creative side with Teetot's top-selling costumes for little girls.


There’s an adventure beyond these shores and all your little one needs are Teetot’s deluxe mermaid costumes to find it! Little girls dress up in mermaid costumes to feel adventurous and magical. Crafted from supple fabric that sparkles like sunken treasure and perfectly accessorized with sea gem jewels, Teetot’s imaginative mermaid costume creates an ocean of play possibilities.

Flower Fairy

Sprinkle your fairy dust and let your imagination fly. Teetot’s adorable Garden Fairy costume comes complete with fairy wings, a flowered headband, wand and more. Magic away boredom and spend an afternoon chasing imaginary dragonflies and communing with stuffed animal friends.

Vampire Princess

Teetot’s Vampire Princess Costume isn’t just for Halloween. Have some spooky fun all decked out in super soft red silk and black glittery lace. Twirl your cape to magic away to a world where good and evil battle it out to the very end. Vampire princesses can transform into night creatures. This delightfully dark costume will spur her imagination.

Race Car Driver

Be it a race car driver, police officer, doctor, firefighter or knight in shining armor, your child will love dressing up in costumes traditionally reserved for boys. Little girls dress up in real life outfits to empower them to believe they can do and be anything. Allowing them to stretch their imagination into these roles of power and respect will teach them that their potential is limitless.

Spiderweb Witch

Beware- Something wicked this way comes. Embrace magic potions, moonlit broom rides and black cats with this fun Spiderweb Witch costume. Your little one can use her magic for good, but sometimes it’s fun to practice a bit of dark magic as well.

Evil Queen

The Evil Queen knows how to rule completely, wielding her magic scepter and turning unruly siblings into frogs with her horned headpiece. Make magic potions and create a pet dragon as you have fun casting a few mischievous evil tricks.

Medieval  Princess

Little girls can be anything they want to be, but sometimes it’s fun to embrace the grace and beauty of a medieval princess. This beloved costume option is so popular Teetot made several versions to delight her for days to come!


Have a little one with a hankering for horses? Giddy up for adventure with this super fun Teetot Cowgirl costume. Discover ghost towns and the mysteries of the Wild West. Teetot’s Cowgirl costume comes complete with shiny arm cuffs and fringe, boot covers and, of course, the quintessential cowgirl hat. Happy trails to you.

To view our full range of costumes for girls and boys, visit us online or contact Teetot today.

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