4 Creative Ideas to Keep Quarantine Interesting


For the safety and health of all, many areas throughout the U.S. are still maintaining stay-at-home recommendations. That means that children are out of school, out of daycare, and unable to play in parks, jungle gyms, rec centers, and other public spaces. While spending time at home can have its own charms, many children are tired of their old games and their usual toys at this point. Here are some creative ideas to help you and your children switch up the routine.

1: Drawings and Notes for Your Local Senior Living Center

There’s a little-known trick to creativity when you’re feeling low on inspiration: do it for someone else. No matter your child's creative reserves, filling in coloring books and drawing for the same old refrigerator can get old. Try switching it up by making crafts, drawings, and messages for residents of your local senior living center. Even though it’s unsure when restrictions will be lifted, it’s clear that it will take longer for nursing homes and senior residential facilities than for the rest of us. So bring some light to the elders in your community by sending weekly cheer-up notes.

2: Fashion Photo Shoot

There’s nothing like dress-up to get your child’s imagination churning. When they step into a new outfit, they step into a new identity. Have fun with lots of different outfits when you put on a photo shoot. This is even more fun than the usual dress-up play because you can share photos online, with family members, and with your children’s friends. Invite your children’s friends to join in on the fun and send their own photos too! Hang up a sheet as a backdrop and introduce some fun props to make the photo shoot extra special. You can even create a lookbook at the end of it to share with others.

3: Plant a Garden

This may not sound at first like a creative pursuit, but hear us out. A garden is the very essence of creation, and the logistics of soil requirements, light needs, and drainage create parameters that require creative thinking and know-how in order to successfully execute. One day looks much like the other when you’re staying at home. Gardening will give your children progress to track each day.

Short on garden beds? That’s okay. There are so many ways to garden in your kitchen window or on your porch. Most hardware and garden supply stores are still open, so buy some seeds and watch them grow!

4: International Dinner Night

Set up a special activity for your whole family with a themed dinner. Pick a country, explore their traditional recipes, and get cooking. There are plenty of international meals that your child can help you out with. You can also have them help set the mood by painting a backdrop, creating menus, table settings, and even place cards for all the guests. So many cooking shows and tutorials are available right now. Explore these options from PBS, or take a look at this post from The Realistic Mama.

Still looking for more play ideas? Why not explore ideas themed around your child’s favorite costume? We have amazing play ideas for knights in shining armor, fanciful fairies,  adventurous pirates, elegant princesses, and courageous firemen. Is your little one looking for a new persona to enliven their time at home? Shop today at Teetot.com.

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