Encourage Creative Learning With These Boys Costumes

Little boy dressed as a knight with sword

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” Diane Ackerman

It’s true! A child who learns something through play has exponentially more neurotransmitters fire than when they learn via less exciting methods. And generation can attest that one of childhood’s favorite pastimes is dress up play. Embrace all of the potential of creative learning with boys costumes. Teetot’s exciting line of boys costumes features everyday heroes and fantastical roles. Here are a few of our favorites.


Only the strongest and bravest in the land grow up to be successful gladiators. Gladiators fight the fiercest animals for the king and queen’s entertainment. When relaxing, they ride chariots through the sky and befriend magical dragons. This complete gladiator costume includes a helmet, sword, and shield.

Knight in Shining Armor

Rescue dukes and damsels from distress (or boredom) with Teetot’s knight in shining armor costume. Complete with a sword made from dragon metal, your little one will love performing battle scenes and embarking on his own crusade.

Race Car Driver

Put pedal to the metal with a race to imagination land. Teetot’s Race Car Driver costume includes a red metallic jumpsuit and matching helmet. Champion their need for speed with this exciting boys costume. You’re sure to boost their confidence with a winning spirit.


Boys costumes don't get much cooler than this. There’s a five alarm fire and only your little one can save the day! Teetot’s deluxe Firefighter costume transforms your child into a local hero. It even includes a play axe, toy radio, working whistle, and cool matching helmet.


A band of ninjas just entered the town and they’re looking for new members. Their chosen recruit? Your brave son. Protect those in need and show off some wicked kung fu moves. Teetot’s deluxe ninja costume includes a bevy of weapons designed to help young ninjas sneak up on the enemy.


The galaxy is the limit with this super deluxe astronaut costume from Teetot. You little space cadet’s imagination will blast off to worlds unknown. Built for comfort and speed, this costume is the perfect getup to fuel their creativity.

Fighter Pilot

Watch as their imagination soars to the skies with this deluxe fighter pilot costume. This vintage jumpsuit comes fully equipped with all the widgets and gadgets a fighter pilot could need to navigate the skies. With a cardboard box plane or a Snoopy stuffed animal, they’ll be on their way to adventure.

Pirate Captain

Yo ho ho! Ye landlubbers best scurry. Davy Jones is no match for your little one in Teetot’s fantastical Pirate Captain costume. TDon this boy's pirate costume before you create your next treasure map or your coolest cardboard boat.

Teetot's costumes are made with quality construction built to last through the most adventurous of your son's playtime sessions. For more information, contact us today.

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