Drive Your Racecar Driver to Victory with This Teetot Costume


Racecar Driver

"It is not always possible to be the best, but it is always possible to improve your own performance."
-Jackie Stewart

Does your little one have a need for speed? Kids of all ages like to “try on” adult jobs for size. One of the most popular make-believe costumes is also one of the most exciting. Accelerate their imagination with a deluxe racecar driver costume – Perfect for winning pretend races or relaxing in style while watching the pros.

Start Your Engines

Kids love to stretch their imagination when playing dress-up. Not only do they enjoy pretending as make-believe characters, but they also like to embody larger-than-life adults. They dream about growing up and accomplishing incredible feats. Help them channel their inner Lightning McQueen or Jeff Gordon for a fun-filled day of play. With a bit of pretend play, you never know what they’ll achieve.

Hi-Speed Hijinks

Pretend play can help boost imagination, self-confidence, problem-solving skills, motor development, communication, social skills, and more. The below activities will turbo boost their racecar driver pretend play:

Racecar Track: Play red light green light around a homemade track or backyard. Life size play cars are optional. Include cones, streamers, a starter whistle, and a finish line to amp up the fun.

Edible Racecars: With a few toothpicks, marshmallows, gumdrops, Oreos, or whatever you happen to have in the pantry, your little Nascar racer can make their own edible racecar!

Books: Racecar drivers love to curl up in their car with a great book. Check your local library for children’s books about famous race tracks, cars, and drivers.

Amped Up Accessories

Kids can supply additional accessories from around the house to complement their racecar driver costume. For starters, every driver needs a super-fast car, which can be made from an extra-large box. Kids will also need a walkie-talkie to touch base with their pit-crew from time to time. Tools are a must if their car experiences a breakdown. A pair of black and white checkered flags can be made from paper and a wand or stick. Want more ideas for inspiration? Ask your little one! They’re sure to have a few ideas up their sleeve.

Teetot for the Win

Teetot designs each of its costumes with attention to detail and quality that ensures it will be loved for years to come. The Race Car Driver costume is no exception. A flashy red metallic driver’s jumpsuit features embroidered patches and a realistic racecar driver helmet. Your little one will cross the finish line to imagination station in record time with this fun-filled costume. For more information, visit Teetot online today.

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