Planning a Race Car Themed Party

Tiny Racer Boy with Goggles

The best children's birthday parties are those with themes. Having your child pick a birthday theme offers them a fantastic opportunity to share what they are passionate about or interested in with their friends. Themed parties make it easy for the birthday kid's parents to coordinate decorations and create games that will keep children entertained, while likewise, also making it easier for the parents of attending kids to narrow down present choices and pick the right wardrobe.

Themed parties make everyone happy and if your child is wanting a racecar-themed birthday party, then you're even more in luck! This is a timeless theme and one in which many boys (and some girls) gravitate toward at some point in their childhood. Cars are, after all, pretty fascinating machines, and being able to go as fast as one wants around a track has definite appeal. So if this is the theme your child is clamoring for, get started planning their next birthday party today with the following ideas:

Planning a Racecar Themed Birthday Party

  • Invitations. First things first, you need to make the guest list and send out the invitations. A good themed birthday party starts with themed invitations that enable everyone to be on the same page. Good themed invitations make the theme clear and use puns or similar concepts to underscore the theme. You can buy invitations in person, make them on your own, or do a DIY blend with templates like this or this cool keepsake invitation idea.
  • Racecar decorations & racecar costume. Racecar decorations are just as important as a racecar costume, as they set the mood. Racecar decorations are pretty easy to DIY -- think banners, streamers, and a couple of traffic cones. You can also go more specialized by picking up something like this racecar birthday party supply pack. To get your child in theme for their birthday, check out our racecar costume.
  • Racecar games and activities. This type of themed party is pretty easy to think up games for, as racing cars is an activity in and of itself. Think about other racing activities, such as balloon races, relays, red light green light, and sack races. For tech-savvy kids, consider Mario Kart if you have the right gaming set-up.
  • Fuel up the food station. No party is complete without at least a couple of snacks and, of course, the big birthday dessert. Dress up these food items by relabeling the serving area as a "refueling station". Feeling crafty? Consider making themed treats like these stoplight crispy treats or these healthy apple cars.

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