Best Imagination-Boosting Exercises

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While most kids are naturally curious and creative, it is still important for teachers and guardians to give them the necessary opportunities to hone those traits. Imagination exercises are one key way of doing so. Children with a strong, active imagination are more confident, more creative, and more social. All of which leads to a more fulfilling childhood... as well a more rich adulthood.

So what are you waiting for? Encourage your child's imagination with these proven imagination exercises:

The Best Imagination-Boosting Exercises

  • Scrap arts and crafts. Have you ever seen your child ignore an expensive new toy in favor of playing with box the toy came in? It's not unusual. Boxes are perfect impromptu toys because they can be transformed into so many things. A plane, a building, a secret cave -- just about anything is possible. One of the best imagination exercises you can do is to encourage this same exercise of turning-the-ordinary-into-extraordinary with other items, such as with scrap arts and crafts. Go around our home and grab scrap items that can be transformed into arts and crafts projects. Consider items like colorful yarn, glitter, scrap fabric, paper doilies, bows, construction paper, and more. Use these as a scrap art and crafts collection and encourage your child to create their own art in their own way with the items. This type of unstructured crafting will help encourage them to tap into their imagination and get creative.
  • Encourage boredom. We know. There are times when you simply don't have the energy and handing your child their electronic games is the easiest route. Go for it on those crazy days. But on those days when you're feeling more patient, help them embrace the boredom. Don't give in! Keep the electronics away and encourage your child to make their own games, to create their own play styles. Boredom is a huge motivator as it requires one to be imaginative and not rely on someone else or something else to tell the story.
  • Have a dress-up box. To add to the above point, you don't have to take away everything. In fact, just a few props can go a long way in encouraging imaginative and creative play. For example, a fairy princess costume can help your child create a whole fairy tale world with magical creatures and their own story of adventure. Consider getting both quality full costumes as well as basic props, such as old hats and party tutus.

When It Comes to Children's Costumes, Teetot is Your Go-to Shop

While just about any kind of costume can be stellar for imaginative exercise, there is always value in professionally designed costumes such as those we offer at Teetot. These thoughtfully designed costumes are built to encourage children to tap into their imagination and play out their desired roles by themselves or with friends and family. See for yourself what draws your child's imagination by browsing our online Adventure Factory shop with them and having them pick out their favorite looking outfits.

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