Playing With Fire(fighters)

Kid dressed as a firefighter holding a hose in front of a firetruck

Kids love to dress up as local heroes. When you have a variety of uniform dress-ups in your collection, your children can incorporate adult occupations into their play. One of the most popular dress-up costumes among young ones is the kids firefighter costume. Young children can easily identify red firetrucks with their flashing lights and sirens and the bright uniforms of firefighters.

If your child in enthralled with firefighters, here are some ways to encourage their imagination while also teaching them about the work of real life firefighters.

Visit Your Local Fire Station

Occasionally, local fire stations will have community events when the public is invited to come and get a tour of a real fire station, meet firefighters, learn about the purposes of their tools and uniform, and even sit in the truck. This is a great opportunity for your child to get a better understanding of the important work that firefighters do.

Teach Fire Safety

If your kid is excited about dressing up as a firefighter, then it is the perfect time to teach them about fire safety. Explain why we need to be careful around fire and talk about different situations and what to do in case of a fire. Even young children can learn ‘stop, drop and roll.’

Firefighter Playtime

Encourage fun firefighter themed activities that your little hero or heroine will love to play when dressed up.

Use a large box and color it to make a pretend firetruck. When the fire alarm sounds, your little fire chief can jump in the truck and race to the rescue! Complete the scenario with a stuffed Dalmatian puppy toy and a pool noodle for a pretend hose. If playing outside, you can always add real water with buckets and the hose.

Set up rescue scenarios using a teddy bear or doll. Make an obstacle course that involves a hula hoop to jump through, stepstools or chairs to crawl over or under, ropes to untangle, and maybe a pile of empty boxes to break through. Maybe your darling firefighter will need to rescue a kitty cat toy that is stuck up a pretend tree (bunk beds would work great for that, or at the top of the stairs).

Teetot’s firefighter costumes are made with thick fabric and durable stitching, the best quality for brave rescues and saving the day! This dress-up ensemble includes all the necessary tools: whistle, ax, and attached radio. A bright jacket with reflective striping and a fire department patch will make this kids firefighter costume a favorite.

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