3 Types of Arts and Crafts That Fuel Child Development

Little girl. painting at easel

Arts and crafts are an important part of a child’s development. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of arts and crafts that encourage your child to explore, learn, and grow. As your child gets older, these art and craft forms may develop into a hobby or become a career. Here are three of the most common types of arts and crafts for children and how they can benefit your child’s development.

Performing Arts

The performing arts encapsulate many different types of art, including drama, dance, and music. Performance style arts that involve costume and role play, such as drama and dance, allow your child to dive into the world of another character. This exploration expands their interpersonal and empathic skills and allows for personal and collaborative self-expression. Your child may express themselves by enacting the scene of a firefighter saving a citizen in costume or dancing to the Sugar Plum Fairy ballet in a fairy costume. No matter what costume they choose, these skills will allow your child to play well with others and feel comfortable expressing themselves alone and in groups.

Tactile Arts & Crafts

Tactile crafts, such as play dough modeling or building with Legos or blocks, can help your child refine their motor skills. These types of arts and crafts also help your child understand the process of creative evolution, task processing, and problem solving. When a child has to build something from nothing or a few materials, they see the object transform before their eyes and understand how their steps and imagination helped create it. Other types of tactile arts and crafts include sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, paper mache, and more.

Visual Arts

The visual arts, such as art itself, film, and photography, are a great way for your child to not only express themselves, but appreciate critical thinking. Visual art allows your child to put their ideas into physical form, often on paper with utensils or into a digital medium. These art forms give your child an opportunity to flex their creative skills. They can also learn analysis, feedback, and adaptation, since many of these art forms in their higher state involve critique and theory in the form of history or reviews. This helps your child learn from those that practiced these visual art forms before them, broadening their worldview. It also helps them expand their creativity and express opinions.

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