The Mermaid Allure: How Our Mermaid Costume Can Help Your Child Explore Her Interests

Little girl dressed as a mermaid contemplates the sea

Our team at Teetot is proud to design and sell an array of children's costumes that will awaken their imagination and encourage child development and growth. This means that we offer both costumes based on real-life people and careers, like our popular firefighter costume, as well as on fantasy heroes and heroines. When it comes to our fantasy heroes and heroines, one of the favorites is our mermaid costume.

Our mermaid costume includes a shimmering top and skirt that resembles a mermaid tail and fin, as well as accessories like a shell crown and iridescent bead necklace. Little girls (and some little boys) love the mermaid costume partly because of the glitz and glamour we have included in the high-quality materials, but also partly because of the types of imaginative play that comes with mermaid make-believe.

Here are a few reasons why a mermaid costume can help spark your little girl's imagination and explore her interests.

  • Caring for animals. Mermaids are another fantastic fantasy-based heroine that our culture regularly associates with underwater creatures like dolphins and tropical fish. Not only can your daughter visit with and learn about these animals by taking a trip to an aquarium, she may want to dive into their world by roleplaying with a mermaid costume at home and some marine life stuffed animals. You may also consider getting her a fish or turtle as a pet. These interactions will help her learn how to care for and value these sea creatures.
  • A love of swimming and being underwater. All mermaid lore says that mermaids can breathe underwater and are fantastic swimmers. If your child loves their days at the pool or is always clamoring to play in the waves at the beach, then this love of swimming is going to be a core component of their love of mermaids. Naturally, we don't recommend swimming in our mermaid costume, but because there are so many benefits of swimming (increased strength and flexibility; healthier heart and lungs; increased stamina; improved balance), more swim-time outside of dress up time is a great way to encourage both your child's imaginative side (embracing that love of mermaids) while also channeling that love into a very positive mental and physical activity.
  • A love for singing. In "The Little Mermaid," Ariel loves to sing. If your little girl loves Ariel, she may not only want to dress like a mermaid, she may want to sing like one too. If your child is always singing and expresses an interest in singing lessons or musical theatre, sign her up. This helps her explore personal and creative expression.

Buy Your Child's Mermaid Costume Today at Teetot

There are many reasons why our mermaid costume makes a great dress up outfit for your child to explore her interests with. No matter the reason, our mermaid costume is designed to help your child fulfill their imaginative play and take that healthy make-believe play to new heights. Visit our online store to learn more.

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