Throw a Backyard Play To Encourage Art and Craft Child Development

Kids at a backyard play party

After a long, long winter, we are sure just about every parent in America is ready to get their toddlers outside where they can run and play and get their energy out. However, while unstructured play is fantastic, kids can, and often do, get bored. Which is when they start coming back to you for answers on what to do next. One exciting type of play activity that can start as structured play, encourage art and craft child development, and also open the door for unstructured play, is putting on a play.

Throw a Backyard Play To Encourage Art and Craft Child Development

You don't have to create your own screenplay to throw a backyard play, or encourage your toddlers to. In fact, the best idea for throwing a backyard play is to take a movie or show they already love and encourage your children and their friends to remake it or play off of it. You might even already know the exact characters your child will want to emulate. And chances are there's music involved -- which is the first reason why you should encourage backyard plays.

Encouraging your child to take part in musicals is a great way to encourage art and craft child development thanks to how music helps spur language development. The repetition in choruses and the way songs tend to slow down phrases and speech helps toddlers build up their vocabulary of words and teaches them the ways different letters sound together. The more they sing a song, the more they are learning and developing their language skills.

The second big reason why throwing a backyard play is a good idea and how it helps encourage art and craft child development is because it gets children actually crafting. They can paint their outdoor scenes on big rolls of paper and create props like swords, cars, and flying dragons from cardboard. This type of crafting is great for encouraging imagination and improving your child's hand-eye coordination. But while crafting and creating are great, you might consider purchasing more authentic costumes, such as those we offer at Teetot, for a finished touch. More traditional or authentic costumes are great for really adding that immersive detail that brings the whole play together.

Finally, encouraging your child to recreate a film or create their own play with friends and family greatly assists in developing their communication and cooperation skills. Throwing a play requires negotiation -- who will play what, who will sing what, where will props go -- all of these are integral aspects of art and craft child development.

When You Need Costumes, Visit Teetot

While we can't provide you with everything necessary for throwing a backyard play, we can offer some pretty fantastic costumes. Our costumes are designed to inspire children, thanks to our attention to authenticity; plus, we use soft, breathable fabrics for comfort and wearability. Contact us to learn more and help your child pick out the costume for their upcoming play via our online store.

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