Up, Up and Away! Pilot Play

If you’ve got a kid with their head in the clouds and the need for speed, then jump in the cockpit and warm up those engines! Suit up with our fighter pilot costume ensemble that is perfect for a world class aviator-in-training. Get your pilot ready for action in a flight jumpsuit with handy utility pockets for stowing tools and maps, and a flight radio to report back to air traffic control. This outfit will have your pilot-obsessed kids flying through hoops!

With the right stuff, your adventurous little guy or gal can role play real careers and emulate real life heroes. There’s adventure to be had high above the city skyline. A fighter pilot must be ready for anything: headwinds, thunderstorms, and possibly enemy planes! Your child’s imagination can go sky-high, but here are a few ideas to encourage and expand your little pilot’s horizons:

Let’s travel around the world! Make a simple passport booklet by folding paper and stapling it together. Have your little pilot add new stamps or stickers for each of the different countries he or she pretends to visit!

Coming in hot! Set up a runway for take-off and landing (hopefully not crash-landing). Draw lines on the driveway with chalk, use mini bright orange cones from soccer practice, or strings of white Christmas lights. If there’s room indoors, you could use bright painter’s tape or paper.

Don’t get lost! Find an old road map or atlas to let your child use in their make-believe flight plans. They can draw a route on the maps and outline pretend destinations. If you have a globe, you could teach them a little about geography and look at different places to visit.

Come fly with me! Have a paper airplane flying contest! You can create a lot of flying fun with just a few pieces of paper. Find basic folding instructions online and see whose plane can fly highest and farthest. Your kids will be zooming around the room in no time.

Get your wings! Use a large cardboard box to fabricate an airplane as simple or as complicated as they can make it. Decorate with reflective tape, markers, and stickers. You could even make it official with a pretend pilot’s license!

Teetot & Co. makes your child feel like the real deal in a fully loaded jumpsuit. We help create an authentic pilot look with an attached vest, padded collar, utility pockets, flight hat, and reflective straps. Plus, our pilot costume includes the essential tools a fighter pilot needs, a compass, working whistle, and radio! Check it out here!

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