Warrior Costumes Inspire Adventure Play


Child dressed as a warrior! 

Imaginative play is often inspired by movies and books. Kids love to reenact a favorite character or familiar plot. Since many movie and story themes focus on superheroes, fairytales, and warriors, it’s no surprise that these characters find their way into the make-believe worlds of kids’ imaginations.

Teetot & Co., Inc. offers a creative selection of warrior costumes for your kid to dress up as their favorite hero on their next imaginary adventure. Available costumes represent a variety of themes such as knights in shining armor, gladiators, ninjas, and warriors. Each ensemble includes a few key pieces to complete the look of your hero: dashing capes, shining armor, feathered helmets, cunning weapons, a sturdy shield, and even intimidating spikes for extra protection while fighting dragons! If knight and warrior costumes are a favorite in your home, engage your child in the following activities to inspire imaginative adventure play.

Treasure Hunt

Send your hero on a quest to recover some ancient hidden treasure. Find some items to be the ‘buried treasure’. It could be fake jewels and play money or candy and snacks. Put the treasure into a small box or bag and find a secret hiding spot. The treasure hunt could be set up indoors or outside, or both. Then draw a map and include clues and landmarks for your adventurer to find and follow!

Obstacle Course

Set up obstacles for your daring warrior to overcome. Pile up empty boxes as a barrier to break through or tape crepe paper or yarn across a hallway like a spiderweb to climb in between. A staircase or a bunk bed can become a mountain to climb if you tie a jump rope to the railing.

Rescue Mission

To the rescue! If someone is in danger, a brave hero can help. Pretend that a dragon has captured a prisoner and use a stuffed animal or doll as the person who needs to be rescued. Make it a challenge by setting up some obstacles for the knight in shining armor to battle through.

Castle Defense

Fierce guards needed! Help your child build a blanket fort or a cardboard castle to defend! Your brave hero can block pillow projectiles and protect the castle from intruders and attack.

Dragon Hunt

Set your fearless warrior on the trail of a dragon by leaving tracks and clues for your child to find and follow. Make large footprints or claw marks in the dirt and hide dragon eggshells or bones among bushes. Or find some bait and lay a trap. Encourage the dragon hunter to be sneaky and stay alert so they aren’t caught by a surprise attack.

Teetot provides costumes of top quality and strong fabrication to endure the epic adventures of your active warrior. A great warrior always needs a bad guy to fight, a fortress to defend, a challenge to overcome, or a mission to accomplish. Our heroic themed dress-ups inspire daring adventure and courageous quests.

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