What to Do With Costumes After Halloween Is Over

Kids Trick Or Treating
Halloween may be over, but for many Teetot fans out there, it’s simply not time to hang up the costume yet. We understand! And we specially construct our dress-up clothes so that they can be worn day in and day out, rather than one day out of the whole year.

On the other hand, we understand that it can get frustrating for parents when children simply refuse to wear anything that doesn’t have sparkles and streamers. Instead of fighting about it, why don’t you help your child get some more use out of their Halloween costume before putting it away for the year?

Here are some ideas that can extend the dress-up fun, and give that costume a special purpose:

  • Put on a play: A play is a great way to merge your child’s creativity with organizational skills. Let the costume inspire the script, or reenact your child’s favorite story. Hang a bed sheet over a clothesline in order to create a curtain just about anywhere. Invite the grandparents over for a matinee performance.
  • Host a themed party: We’re ramping up to a season busy with parties and get-togethers… for the adults, that is. Give your child a special day with his or her friends before the holiday madness begins. The “theme” can revolve around your child’s costume, or you may just want to invite kids to wear their own favorite costume and make it a joyful make-believe mashup. Special bonus? This might be a perfect opportunity to offload some extra Halloween candy, too.
  • Make some YouTube videos: If your child has a flair for the theatrical, maybe it’s time to share it with the world! Let your child develop their on-screen persona with a special name, and perhaps a theme for the videos (i.e. making snacks in the kitchen, doing random acts of kindness, or performing cool–and safe–tricks on their bike).
  • Donate it or recycle: Not every child is able to dress up for Halloween. Your child’s donation can help underserved children around the country join in on the fun next year. To get started, check out The Halloween Helpers, or ’Ween Dream.
  • Volunteer visits: Everyone loves seeing kids in their costumes. After all, whose day doesn’t get brighter with a visit from a princess or a superhero? You can inspire a love of service in your child when you coordinate a visit to a local senior care center or long-term care hospital wing. This can be even more fun if you bring a couple friends along and hand out little gifts.
  • Mix and match: An old costume can get new life when you decide to mix it with other dress-up clothes. That’s why bundles like our Pixies and Fairies Dress-Up Chest and the Storybook Treasures Dress-Up Chest get so much mileage. Children are able to share with friends, and mix and match tops and bottoms, capes, wings, and other accessories in order to create their own special look.

At Teetot, we make dress-up costumes that your child can enjoy year-round. If you'd like to purchase a costume, visit our online store today.

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