How Arts and Crafts Fuel Your Child's Creativity

Child Painting on a roll of paper.
Creativity in children is as natural as sunshine. You'll be glad to hear that fostering their ingenuity helps them to become more emotionally healthy and professionally successful adults. One of the easiest ways to tap into their creative juices is through arts and crafts projects. Not only will arts and crafts activities boost creativity, but they’re also help to develop important skills. Arts and crafts are a direct means to cognitive, physical, and emotional growth.

Brain Boost

Acclaimed author Elizabeth Gilbert stated that “Creative living is any life that is guided more strongly by curiosity than fear.” Building curiosity via arts and crafts is one way a child can develop cognitively. For example, arts and crafts can fortify decision-making skills, even when the decision is as simple as choosing a color or finding the best way to attach play wheels.

One of the most important ways arts and crafts can contribute to cognitive development is by strengthening visual processing skills. We decode, classify and interpret the world around us thanks to visual processing skills. This is especially vital in math, writing, and reading development.

That’s not all! Arts and crafts help increase cognitive attention spans, something their teachers will thank you for later.

Physical and Spacial Development

Arts and crafts can help boost physical development as well. For example, arts and crafts require the honing of fine motor skills. These are the skills we use to grasp, write, draw, and self-feed. Eventually, these same skills are used to sew, wash, drive, type, and more.

Arts and crafts can also improve hand-eye coordination, a key factor in everything from sports to reading... and even balance. While participating in an arts and crafts activity, your child can utilize each of their five senses, even their sense of smell.

Arts and crafts activities encourage physical relaxation by allowing the body to center on a restful activity. After all, a little R and R can do wonders for your physical development.

Express Yourself

Last but certainly not least, arts and crafts can positively impact a child’s emotional development. Allowing children to express themselves creatively helps them to develop self-confidence. As they discover new avenues of interest and accomplishment they’ll grow in their self-knowledge. Proudly saying “I made this for you!” or “I did that!” is how children show their emotional connection to their project.

Arts and crafts also help a child develop patience – a key trait that most children (and even adults!) find challenging. It takes time to complete an art or craft project. This delayed gratification lengthens their attention span. Once completed, the child’s sense of self-worth is reinforced.

Calling all Crafters

The good news? You don’t need to be a master artist to encourage crafting. Let your children’s minds and interests lead their projects. Teetot was founded to foster the importance of creativity in children’s everyday lives. Whether it’s dressing up for pretend play or doing an art project, creativity has a deep impact on a child’s emotional, physical and cognitive development.

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