A Fairy Costume Worthy of Fairy Fun Activities


Little Girl in Pink and Purple fairy costume

Garden Fairies come at dawn,
bless the flowers, then they’re gone.
~ Unknown 

What makes a fairy costume such time-honored fun? Dressing up as a fairy allows girls to bridge the worlds of princesses and magic kingdoms. Donning a sparkly costume enables the wearer to fly and harness special, unique powers. She can spend the afternoon granting wishes, communing with nature, and chasing dragonflies. Let her discover her inner fairy talent, be it art, animal care, plant stewardship, science, or whatever tickles her fairy fancy. Fairy dress-up is a surefire way to power a young girl's imagination.

The Importance of Imagination

Fairy dress-up play stretches the bounds of the imagination. Imagination as a child translates to heightened levels of creativity as an adult. Why is this important? Creativity is not just for artists and novelists. Research shows that creativity fuels problem-solving abilities, empathy, social and communication skills, and more! Some of the most creative minds become astronauts, industry greats, and world leaders.

Ideas for Fairy Fun

Sprinkle your fairy dust for a fun-filled day of play. Activities abound are sure to complement her fairy costume. Enjoy all of the below:

Magical Fairy Garden: Plant seeds for a magical fairy garden with your child, where she can watch the flowers grow and learn about caring for nature.

Magical Fairy Cottage: Use popsicle sticks, moss, leaves, and anything else your child finds, to create a miniature house for a real fairy to visit. You can even create a pretend door with her and install it on the base of her favorite tree. When it rains, the fairies will take shelter and may even leave a gift of gemstones or flowers.

Fairy Soup: Some found flower petals, a little food coloring, glitter, a seashell, and some water equal a fairy’s favorite mealtime treat. While making fairy soup is a pretend sensory play activity which should not be consumed by children, preparing a bowl of your child's favorite soup to eat can help her feel like a part of the fairy magic.

Fairy Nature Wands: Find the perfect stick for your child to adorn with sequins, beads, feathers, or ribbons. You could even use an old metal coat hanger to shape into a heart at the end.

Fairy Fruit Wands: Thread a wooden kebab with your little fairy's favorite fruits – berries, bananas, grapes, or mango. Cap it off with a star-shaped piece of pineapple or star fruit.

Acorn Toadstools: Miniature fairies are weary from a night of flying and need a place to rest. Paint the tops of acorns from the backyard with your child in bright colors to entice them to her fairy cottage.

STEM Fairy Activities: With the magic and mystery of fairies and their kingdoms, your little one's imaginations will soar. Capitalize on her fairy passion to explore the world with some fun science experiments. She can grow magic crystals, create a boat to float her fairies to safety, and watch “magic” water beads grow.

Teetot’s Magical World

Teetot lovingly crafted a collection of mix and match fairy and pixie costumes with magic in every stitch. Silky tops and leggings pair with fun skirts, glittery wings, jeweled wands, and flowery headbands. Grant her wish with a fairy costume of her choice. To explore the many fairy options of her magical world, visit Teetot online today.

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