Becoming a Make-Believe Knight

Knight on a Rocking Horse

Many kids, and adults, love stories about knights and medieval times. That era is what much fantasy continues to be based upon, and even future fantasies like Star Wars were also based on tales of knights and heroism. The Star Wars franchise simply replaced metal swords with lightsabers, but the initial stories kept a lot of the lore and good guy mythology. So whether your child loves playing with lightsabers or swords, they are roleplaying one of the most beloved periods of time and a knight costume might be a perfect present for them.

Becoming a Make-Believe Knight

There are many different ways to make a good knight costume, just as there are many different types of knights to make believe as. Here at Teetot, we like to call our children's knights costume, the Knight in Shining Armor costume. This costume includes fabric that gives the appearance of shiny metal while also being made of soft breathable fabric. We have even included a velcro hood that has the appearance of a helmet. Accessories for our knight costume include a cape and a pretend sword with which make believe dragons can be vanquished.

Of course, to dress up and play as a knight, one needs a little inspiration. The following is a look at some of our favorite books and films for young children who love the stories of knights, castles, and dragons:

  • The Princess KnightThis is a must-have for those with daughters who dream of jousting and gallantry. The protagonist at the heart of the story grows up with boys and dreams of being named a brave knight. It is a fun and colorful story about her taking lessons and trying her hand at the competition. If your child enjoys this book, consider also the older cartoon film, Quest for Camelot
  • The Knight Who Took All Day. This is a quirky, funny book about a happy night and his faithful squire, and their journey together to fight a dragon and impress the princess. This one is for younger readers, Kindergarten to 2nd grade recommended.
  • The Sword in the StoneThis film might have been made in the '60s, but it has continued to inspire every single generation of knight-loving kids ever since. This film undoubtedly continues as the best of children's King Arthur tales and is a must for any child interested in that story of a young boy finding a sword and becoming a knight and then a king.

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Whether your child wants to fight dragons in a knight costume, a princess costume, or something else entirely, our online costume shop is here for you. Browse our inventory today to see more of our fantastic selection and have your child pick out their favorite. All of our costumes are carefully designed and sewn with the highest quality materials in durable patterns to ensure they will last no matter where your child's next adventure takes them.

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