Creative Play Ideas With Teetot's Medieval Knight Costume

Boy Dressed as Knight in Cardboard Castle

Good morrow to you, lords and ladies. Don your toughest chainmail, sheath your sword and mount your trusty steed. With the help of Teetot’s imaginative knight costume, you’ll be more than ready for adventure and bravery.

Vanquish gray days with Teetot’s deluxe knight costume that encourages confidence, creativity, and imagination. The superior quality and thoughtful design of Teetot’s knight in shining armor costume helps you save the day from unknown perils and everyday boredom.

Any good knight knows it takes ample courage to ready for battle. Knights weren’t only heralded for their strength and swordsmanship, however. They were also renowned for their chivalry. This is a great opportunity to teach manners and politeness. Rescue dukes and damsels from boredom with these fun activities that boost creativity and increase smiles.

Storm the Castle

Home is where the heart is, but your little knight’s castle is where his creativity lies. Bolster his verbal and communication skills by having him talk about or write down the various attributes of his fantasy medieval castle. Once the plan is in place, encourage him to build a castle model with cardboard boxes, building blocks, magnetic tiles, or Legos.

On Guard!

Hear ye! Hear ye! I declare that henceforth this day shall be known as sword fighting day. Challenge your little one to a sabre-tastic duel.

Discover and Explore

Learn about castles from past and present with fun online resources, like the Ancient History Encyclopedia. Older kids can even write a report based on the facts they find.

Act It Out

Join your dashing young knight for a role-playing session. It’s eye-opening to see what characters, setting, and problems they choose to enact when dressing in their favorite knight costumes.


While Teetot’s knight costume comes complete with all the accessories you need to make knightly dreams come true, children will also enjoy creating their own accessories.

  • Map: Have them draw a map in marker to guide their latest crusade, then dip it in tea water to create an aged look.
  • Horse: Every valiant knight needs a trusty horse to ride into battle. Kids can use a stuffed animal or draw their own perfect mount.
  • Shield: Craft yours from a large piece of cardboard painted with the Templar symbol or from shiny dragon metal made from aluminum foil.
  • Dragon: Save the day when you vanquish the dragon. Make yours from a stuffed animal or your own imaginative drawing.
  • Feast: Borrow mom or dad’s coffee mug to make your own tankard. Be sure to clean your plate at dinner – knights are known for a big appetite!

Bring your child’s imagination to life with the Teetot’s incredibly imaginative and finely crafted knight costume. Enemies will flee at the sight of your brave knight in shining armor. Complete with a sword made of dragon steel, this costume has everything they need for a day full of adventure.

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