Fairies and Fairy Lore

Have you ever wondered about the origin of fairies and their significance in different cultures? The world of fairies is vast and diverse, and the stories and beliefs surrounding them are fascinating.

Hundreds of years ago, fairies were seen as mischievous creatures that could cause trouble for humans. They were called The Fae, The Little People, Pixies, or Nymphs, and people believed that they lived in Fairy Hills, which they were not allowed to dig in or disturb. Villagers even went as far as building their houses with opposite doors, leaving them open at night so that the fairies could pass through without any disturbance.

Interestingly, the tradition of knocking on wood to ward off fairies and wood nymphs still exists today. People knock on wood when they mention their hopes or fears to avoid the fairies from hearing their plans and disrupting them.

Over time, the perception of fairies has evolved from being mischievous and troublesome to being more playful and friendly. So don't worry, fairies aren't all bad news. Nowadays, we see them as cute and magical creatures that can help us out when we're in a pinch. And what better way to celebrate their whimsical nature than by dressing up as one?

Fairy Costumes for Imagination Play, Dress-Up, and Halloween

Green Leaf Fairy Costume by Teetot
Teetot Pink Petal Fairy Costume
The Leaf Green Fairy costume is perfect for little ones who love nature and the outdoors. The costume comes with a green dress, wings, and a headband with green leaves, making it the perfect outfit for a woodland fairy.
The Pink Petal Fairy costume is another great option for children who love all things pink and sparkly. The costume comes with a pink dress, wings, and a headband with pink flowers, making it the perfect outfit for a garden fairy.



Playing dress-up as a fairy can be a fun and imaginative experience for children. It allows them to explore their creativity and immerse themselves in the magical world of fairies. With Teetot Children's Costumes, children can choose from a variety of fairy costumes and accessories to create their unique fairy look.

Dressing up as a fairy is not only fun but also a great way to let your imagination run wild. With Teetot Children's Costumes, you can create your very own fairy look and be transported into a magical world of enchantment. So what are you waiting for? Let's get fairy-dressing!

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