Kids Dress-Up Play: Five Surprising Benefits for Your Child


 Kids In Dress Up Costumes Holding Their Hands Above Their Heads
Whether you were born in the city or the country, this continent or another, as one of many or an only child, dress-up play was part of your upbringing. Dress-up play comes naturally to kids. However, this universal activity is more than just a diversion. As Maria Montessori said, "Play is the work of the child." When dressing up, we develop fine and gross motor skills, language, socialization, emotional well-being, problem-solving, creativity and more. Dress-up play is essential to the healthy development of children.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Both fine and gross motor skills are naturally developed through dress-up play. Kids dress-up play encourages fine motor skills through acts like buttoning costumes and manipulating props. Gross motor skills are refined through acting out scenes that involve running, climbing, jumping, and more. Studies show that physical activity spurs brain development. Through this, the muscular, nervous, and neurological systems learn to work together.


Language skills are developed through dress-up play as children interact and try out different roles. They experiment with the language style of the character they are playing. As they act out possible situations, they verbalize the plots and language associated with fantasy play. They have to predict what, for example, a police officer might say or how an astronaut would talk.

Socialization and Emotional Well-Being

When children engage in dress-up play, they socialize by learning to take turns and cooperate. They develop an interest in other children through fantasy play and increase engagement and interdependence. Conflict resolution, manners, listening, and sharing all come into play as they cooperate through dress up.

Problem Solving

Dress-up play offers children a variety of problems to solve. How will they save the princess from the dragon? How will they guard their pirate ship against invading marauders? When will their pretend meal be served? There are endless possibilities for questions and problems to cooperatively solve. Plus, due to their ability to develop a variety of solutions to problems, creative children demonstrate above average self-control.


Did you know that creativity is not just something that you’re born with, but something that can be developed and enhanced through games and activities? Kids dress-up play is a surefire way to increase creativity levels. Imagine the lengths their little brains will need to stretch to come up with and articulate different characters, plots, problems, and solutions? Creativity goes hand in hand with each of the aforementioned skills.

Why Is It Beneficial?

Studies show that 75% of brain growth and development occur after we are born. That’s why Teetot works to nourish the brain through its most natural direction: play! Teetot helps children develop their motor skills, language, socialization, emotional well-being, problem-solving, creativity and more.  Development kicks into high gear with the exciting costumes from Teetot. Teetot’s passion to foster the whole child is the motivation behind each of their intricately designed, fun costumes for girls and boys. To learn more, visit us online.

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