Teaching Kids About Fire Safety

Boy in red fireman suit with spraying garden hose

Fire is a fascinating thing. Just consider how mesmerizing a bonfire can be on a cold winter evening or how attractive a cooking campfire can be. There's something magical about the way that flames dance and as such, it is important for all parents to be proactive when it comes to introducing young children to fire. Expect that kids will be curious about fire and will gravitate towards items like matches, lighters, and campfires. The best way to ensure that the curiosity stays healthy and doesn't stray into danger territory is by teaching kids about fire safety from early on.

The following is a look at some key ways you can teach your children about fire safety (and yes–surprise!–they include fun activities like dressing up in a fireman costume):

Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Fire Safety

  • Check out some firefighting and fire safety books. Reading is always a great method of introducing new concepts to kids. Children's books are particularly effective because they use concepts like alliteration and colorful drawings to get their point across. Two particularly great children's books about fire safety are Fire! Fire! by Gail Gibbons and Firefighter Frank by Monica Wellington.
  • Encourage fireman costume and dress-up play. Fire can be a scary topic... and to a certain extent, it should be! However, along with teaching children about the dangers of fire, fireman dressup and play can also teach children to be proactive, capable, and responsible. Roleplaying being a firefighter also has a lot of other great benefits. People in these careers are real heroes who help people on a daily basis. Playing dress up with a fireman costume is a great way to encourage kids to emulate heroic behaviors and characteristics like being brave, kind, and service-oriented.
  • Practice the life-saving phrases of "stop, drop and roll" and "don't hide, go outside". While your child is donning their fireman costume, it's also a great idea to introduce these two key phrases. The Stop, Drop, and Roll phrase is important to know should they ever catch on fire. Rolling is the very best way to extinguish the flames. The second phrase is to help them remember that it's important to get outside in the event of a fire alarm. This one is important because some small kids might instead run and hide when they hear the blaring alarm. Making it a game to get outside as fast as possible is a good way to prevent that tragedy in the event of a real fire. It's also a good idea to incorporate a meeting plan or designate a place for everyone to go outside after the alarm.

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