Let Her Imagination Sail the Seas With a Girls Pirate Costume


Two Little Girls dressed as pirates

Ahoy me mateys! Sail the seven seas of imagination with this adventure-inspiring girls pirate costume. Teetot’s celebrated girls pirate costume features a full, elaborately detailed lace-edged satin gown. It’s just the ticket for your ship’s newest cap’n to walk the decks (or send others to walk the plank!)

As many a pirate knows, there's treasure beyond these waters. No need to search the seas for gold doubloons and bedazzled goblets. The real booty's found in the imagination that blossoms when she dons Teetot’s girls pirate costume.

Importance of Creativity

It might look like child’s play when she’s embarking on imaginary dramas, but role play is much more than that. Research shows that creative kids exhibit greater social awareness and empathy, meaning they can more easily relate to how others think and feel. Creative kids are also able to analyze a greater variety of perspectives. They become stronger problem solvers too.

Activities Abound

Yo ho ho! There “arrr” a bevy of fun activities that can boost your little pirate’s creative prowess.

  • A pirate wouldn’t be complete without her ship! Have your little girl make a life-size one from a large cardboard box or a smaller handheld one from a foam egg carton or milk jug.
  • Pirate’s Booty is more than just a fun snack. What treasures will your little one uncover while pretending to be a pirate? You can let her sift through old beads, rocks, or jewelry, or you can even make gold coins from playdough or modeling clay.
  • Some pirates have met more than their fair share of danger. Your fierce captain might need a Captain Hook style hook made from aluminum foil and a paper cup. Or an eye patch made from ribbon and black construction paper.
  • Pirates love books! Check out your local library for a wide selection of fun pirate-themed storybooks that’ll make your fierce pirate want to sail in for storytime.

Pirate Accessories

Shiver me timbers! Be she a swashbuckling sailor, a bootlegging buccaneer or a charismatic captain, she’ll need the proper accessories to play the role. Teetot’s girls pirate costume comes complete with a gold-trimmed felt hat with a bright red bandana and a realistic dagger. Let her imagination supply the rest! One of her stuffed animals could perch on her shoulder like a parrot. A homemade map could lead her to treasure. An extendable telescope could help her spot far-off danger. And a homemade compass could help her lead her crew safely to their destination!

Teetot for the Win!

Anchors away! Your destination? Inspiration Island. Full speed ahead with a girls pirate costume that sparks creativity and imagination. The superior quality and thoughtful design of this Teetot girls pirate costume translates to hours of fun for your little dreamer. For more information, visit us online today.

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