Fun Facts About Spacesuits

Kid in space suit next to a toy rocket

Space; the final frontier. Children are natural explorers, with many of their playtimes focused around new adventures and doing new things. And space exploration offers an infinite amount of adventure possibilities. So if you have a child who is eager for astronaut dress up, embrace it! Astronaut dress up is a fantastic method of adventure role play that will fuel your child's curiosity, creativity, and imagination. Plus, the costume for astronaut dress up is pretty cool.

Most astronaut dress up clothes include spacesuits. Spacesuits aren't just the clothes astronauts wear. They are pieces of critical equipment that make exploration possible. Plus, they have some amazing attributes. Be sure to share these fun facts about spacesuits the next time your son or daughter is ready to don their astronaut dress up gear.

Fun Facts About Spacesuits

  • Spacesuits are equipped to handle both extreme cold and extreme heat. The temperature in space all depends upon where you are in relation to the sun. Earth's orbit can reach freezing temperatures of -250 degrees Fahrenheit and can get as scorching hot as 250 degrees Fahrenheit. That is an incredible swing! NASA thus had to design spacesuits to be able to handle both the heat and cold, making them the most resilient clothes in (and outside of) the world.
  • Orange spacesuits are only for shuttle use. The bright orange spacesuits that most kids use when they play astronaut dress up are only used inside the space shuttle. As such, they are also called launch and entry suits because of their being worn during the space shuttle's launch and landing.
  • It takes 45 minutes to get into a spacesuit. The bright white spacesuits are incredibly durable. but they also are pretty difficult to get into. It takes around 45 minutes for even the most experienced astronaut to get into their spacesuit. Every spacesuit and its undergarment wear has to be specifically tailored to fit each astronaut. In other words, every spacesuit is truly one of a kind.
  • Spacewalks are called EVAs by NASA. EVA stands for "extravehicular activity" and thus includes spacewalks that are taken outside of any spacecraft. The very first EVA happened on March 18, 1965, when Alexi Leonov, an astronaut from the Soviet Union, exited his spacecraft and took a big leap into the Earth's orbit. That was 56 years ago!
  • Spacesuits were a key piece of equipment for the moon landing. Four years after that first space walk, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history by being the first people to land on the moon. They used their life-saving spacesuits to take humanity's first steps on the moon's surface.

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