Important Aspects of Creative Play Childcare

Child pretending to be a vet.
Infuse your child's day with creative play childcare.

Did you know that creativity is not a trait that some are simply born with and others are not? Creativity is a muscle that can be strengthened and honed. It is an overall approach to life fused with a concrete set of learnable skills. Science tells us that fostering creativity in young children leads to increased lifelong happiness and fulfillment. By "creativity" they’re not just referring to art and music activities, although these are invaluable, but also by nurturing imaginative approaches to problem-solving and communication.

Room to Grow

Creative play childcare is best encouraged in a space designed to inspire exploration and discovery. While preprinted coloring books and electronic toys can serve a purpose, screens and button-pushing do not often stimulate creativity. Creative play childcare should be a space where kids can make a mess, be unstructured, and explore different materials and toys. Classic creative play childcare supplies include building blocks and magnetic tiles, drums, mouth instruments, costumes for dress up, art supplies, stamps, modeling clay and kid-sized versions of real-world items that are needed for role play games of “store” or “school” or whatever else they love to pretend.

Your Job

What’s your role in fostering creativity as a caregiver? In addition to creating a stimulating space that kids can use to expand their creativity, you can partner with your child to work toward creative goals. Education researchers have found that creativity blossoms when paired with a caregiver’s enthusiastic support and participation. Creative play childcare can include brainstorming ideas together, finding a variety of solutions to logistical problems and cooperating to complete open-ended tasks.

The Importance of Dress Up Play

Dress-up play is a crucial element of creative play childcare. A true classic, dress up role-play has stood the test of time. Parents today remember donning feather boas, wings, fancy hats and more during their developing years. They foraged through costume boxes to emerge as cowboys, barn animals, pirates, teachers, and whatever else they could imagine. This low tech activity hasn’t needed to change from one generation to the next, because its benefits are timeless.

Donning a costume immerses a child in that role. They can literally try on a different role, stretching their imagination to wonder what scenarios their character might encounter, how their speech might differ, what tools they need and what problems they’ll solve. Adding costumes into creative play childcare settings allows children to cooperate and imagine while having heaps of fun. This fosters more socio-emotional intelligence, fine motor skills, creative problem solving, and more.

Teetot on a Mission

Teetot’s mission is to use top-notch dress-up costumes to inspire creativity in children’s everyday lives. We recognize that creativity deeply impacts a child’s emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our ever-growing line of imaginative costumes kicks their creative gear into overdrive. Whether they choose to be a princess, pirate, police officer, astronaut, fairy or more, their imagination will soar. For more information, contact us today.

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