10 Fun Activities for Your Princess

Little girl in dress-up clothes.

Creative role-play is second nature to kids. It stretches the imagination and gives them a glimpse into adulthood. It even exercises important problem solving and cooperative skills. A timeless role-play favorite is a princess dress. That's why TeeTot offers a wide selection of beautifully detailed princess dresses.

Once she’s got the gown and the glam, what next? We’ve rounded up the top ten activities to do while your child is donning her favorite royal costume.

1: Construct Your Castle

If home is where the heart is, your princess’s castle is where her creativity lies. Help her expand her imagination and communication skills by discussing or writing about her dream castle. Then you can start constructing. Build a 3D castle out of cardboard boxes or glue 2D shapes to paper to create a castle mosaic.

2: Pinkies Up!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Come one, come all to a royal tea party. Your little princess’s attendees can be friends, siblings, or even stuffed animals. The “tea” served can be lemonade or apple cider. A sweet treat like cookies or mini cupcakes will complete the celebration.

3: (Re) Search High and Low

Visit your local library to research real-life princesses. Since so much of fairy tales are make-believe, young girls are always pleasantly surprised to find that princesses are actually real. Depending on your child’s age, you can read about a princess, create a collage, or write a research paper. You might even want to write letters to modern-day princesses.

4: Wrapped Up in Drama

Nothing beats acting out your favorite princess movie scenes together. From choosing the characters and setting to crafting the plot, role play gets real with a favorite dress up costume and a dab of drama.

5: Beyond the Wand

Accessories can make creative play even more fun. Make a princess wand out of popsicle sticks and ribbons, chopsticks, plastic beads, and hot glue.

6: Enchanted Lantern

Channel your inner Rapunzel with a DIY paper lantern. Make and decorate your lantern, then watch it light up the room or even your backyard.

7: Let It Go Play Dough

Mix up a batch of Frozen-inspired homemade play dough with your little princess. All you need is water, cream of tartar, salt, vegetable oil and flour. Add food coloring or glitter or essential oils (or all three!) to make it unique.

8: Tadpole Tales

Find tadpoles and raise them into frogs for a Tiana-approved science experiment. Create a frog-life cycle poster to accompany your activity.

9: To and Fro-zen Experiment

Help! Elsa accidentally froze a toy in the ice cube tray. Set out the ice-captured toy and a bowl of warm water. Let your child use an eye dropper tool with the warm water to melt the ice around the toy.

10: Love is in the Arrow

Give your budding Merida a toy bow and arrow and a target to hone their gross motor coordination and relive one of their favorite scenes.

Your next dress-up adventure begins with the perfect costume. Complete her dream look with TeeTot. Tee-Tot’s Enchanted Fairytale Princess Dressup Chest features three elaborately-detailed, multi-layer dresses plus complementary accessories.

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