5 Facts About the History and Origins of Fairies

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Little girl in fairy costume.

We know fairies from movies and books as mythical, magical, and playful creatures, but where does their story come from? If your little one loves to dress like their favorite character in a fairy dress up costume, adding a little bit of historical knowledge can color fairy curiosity and playtime imagination. Here we’ll dive into the mythology and history behind fairies of folklore and modern culture.

  1. Fairies as we understand them originate from Pre-Christian and Pagan traditions, and could come in many different forms. Some were seen as sprite-like women with wings who were very sweet and angelic, like we traditionally portray them today, but some fairies were seen as demons that could be dangerous and were highly feared. Some of the countries where fairy lore has a long history and celebrated popularity is in Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain.
  2. The Sugar Plum Fairy is one of the most revered ballet characters for any aspiring ballerina, though she doesn’t have as much stage time as other characters and only dances her famous solo at the end of the show.
  3. Disney’s Tinker Bell was once considered a Disney Princess, but due to her uniqueness, they gave her her own franchise that chronicled her and her friends' adventures in 2005. It’s also been said that she can only feel one emotion at a time due to her tiny size, hence her feisty persona.
  4. The Tooth Fairy tradition has been originally chronicled around the world as children leaving their tooth under their pillow for a mouse, since they have very strong teeth, in the hopes that their teeth will grow strong in adulthood as well. These mice would then hopefully leave a gift or money, which is where the American tradition of children finding money in exchange for a tooth was passed down originated.
  5. The Fairy Godmother first appeared in Charles Perrault’s versions of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella in the 1690’s, which likely made way for the Disney Fairy Godmother characters we know from those movies today.

With fun facts and a bit of magic, your little one's fairy dress up time can be as extraordinary and magical as they make it. Give your child the gift of fairy playtime with fun fairy activities and Teetot’s fairy dress up costumes, and watch them bring their imagination to life. 

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