Swashbuckling on the High Seas: Pirate Dress Up

Children dressed as pirates!

It’s no surprise that pirates are a common theme in dress up and play due to popular pirate characters in movies, tv shows, and books. If your child loves to pretend to be a pirate, a skeleton pirate costume from Teetot can get them into character, but that’s only the beginning of the adventure. Here are some pirate dress up and accessory ideas for your swashbuckling scallywag of the high seas.

Parrot – Polly wanna cracker? A parrot is the pirate’s classic devoted, colorful companion. You can easily find and purchase a parrot stuffed animal to complete your pirate ensemble or get creative and help your child make their own! Use a sock or cardboard tube to make a puppet with the addition of some craft feathers and googly eyes.

Eye Patch – Give your pirate a fearsome appearance with an eye-patch. A cheap and easy-to-find accessory, eye-patches can come with a skull and crossbones image or plain black.

Cursed Treasure – Every pirate needs some treasure to bury. Put together a bag or treasure chest of fake gold coins and shiny plastic jewels. You and your pirate can take turns playing hide and seek with the treasure. You can also find diving toy treasure chests online if you want to take the pirate fun to the swimming pool!

Treasure Map – X marks the spot! Hide the treasure chest and draw a map for your child to find it! Or help them make their own maps by providing paper and crayons.

Sailing Ship – There she blows! With a little creativity and a lot of imagination, a large cardboard box, or even a pillow fort can become a pirate vessel. Add an old sheet for the sail and a few jump ropes for the anchor and set sail to your next adventure!

Desert Island – Land ho! Transform a sandbox into a miniature desert island. Create a sandy oasis with small plastic palm trees. You can actually find great pirate or ocean themed decorations at aquarium supply stores. Your little pirate can find the perfect place to bury their treasure and then draw a map to it.

Bones – Shiver me timbers! Add some drama to the pirate play by using plastic skeleton bones. Skull and crossbones will deter trespassers and protect the treasure!

Teetot pirate costumes provides the complete look: with a rugged pirate vest, attached shirt and sash, pirate breeches with attached boot covers, sword and eye patch. comfortable and durable for whatever your pirate’s adventures may entail.  Add a pirate dress up costume to your  collection today!

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