A Parent's Easy Guide To Choosing Halloween Costumes for Kids

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Halloween is an incredibly important holiday for kids due to it being the one day in which not only can they really unleash their imagination, but where everyone else will play along. If your daughter wants to be a firefighter or your son an astronaut, they can do so and others will acknowledge this new identity and play along. It's a fantastic day of self-expression and creativity. Plus, there's the candy. Lots of candy.

But while your children might have either general or specific ideas on what they want to be this holiday, you'll be the one tasked with going forth and bringing home the Halloween costumes for kids. In other words, the hard part. The following is a quick guide for what to look for when you're trying to choose the best Halloween costumes for kids:

A Parent's Easy Guide To Choosing Halloween Costumes for Kids

  1. Prioritize Comfort. Kids are pretty resilient, but they will get frustrated at a costume that scratches or itches their skin, that's too stiff, tight, loose, or otherwise simply sits poorly on them. An uncomfortable, improperly fit costume will put a damper on the entire holiday, and with Halloween happening on a Saturday this year, they are apt to wear the costume for multiple events. So, if there was any year to buy high-quality Halloween costumes for kids, this is it. Choose costumes from companies like ours, that are made to fit well and are constructed out of quality fabrics that won't scratch or itch.
  2. Check for Easy Dressing. After comfort, you want to look at Halloween costumes for kids that are easy to take on and off. This is especially true if you are shopping for young tots that are still potty training or are otherwise in transition wear. Costumes that can be easily taken on and off make the process of getting ready for Halloween events easy, they make bathroom breaks easy, and getting into pajamas after they're already worn out and ready for bed easy.
  3. Consider the Weather. Unless you plan to go to Halloween events that are only inside with your child, you should consider the weather when buying Halloween costumes for kids. Check the long-range weather forecast for your area. If frigid temperatures are likely, go for Halloween costumes for kids that either are designed for warmth or consider costumes that can be thematically enhanced with extra layering. For example, superhero, prince, and princess costumes can all be enhanced with a thick woolen cape or cloak.

Get Started Shopping for Halloween Costumes for Kids Today

Here at Teetot, the principles guiding each and every one of our designs and finished products are safety, comfort, and wonder. We strive to create the highest quality Halloween costumes for kids, ones that they'll want to wear on the holiday itself as well as whenever creativity and imagination ignite them throughout the year. Visit our online shop to browse our inventory today!

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