The Little Mermaid, A Mogul, A Ballerina, and a Sculptor.

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Did you know that in Copenhagen Denmark there is a statue of “The Little Mermaid”?

“The Little Mermaid” was written by Hans Christian Anderson in Denmark over 150 years ago. And unlike the Disney version, the original story is dark and heartbreaking, but the story was quite popular. So popular that in 1907, in Denmark, they made it into a ballet.

Carl Jacobsen, a rich businessman, was a huge fan of the ballet, and of the lead ballerina Ellen Price. Ellen played The Little Mermaid, He was such a big fan that Carl hired sculptor Edvard Eriksen to make a bronze statue using Ellen as the model.

The sculpture now sits in Copenhagen Harbor and visitors come from around the world to see it. It shows the Little Mermaid in the process of becoming human. She has legs, but also fins where her feet would be.

If you ever visit Denmark, make sure you go see the “Little Mermaid” who gave up everything for the hopeless love of a prince. 

Girl…forget about him – you’re better than this!

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