The Most Popular Types of Costumes for Girls

Girl dressed as princess in the woods

When looking at the different types of play between girls and boys, you'll often find that girls generally put more emphasis on clothes and costumes. For many girls, costumes really spark their imagination -- and you might even argue that this has become more true in the last few years where cameras via smartphones have become increasingly ubiquitous among families. Your daughter dons her favorite outfit and is able to not only take her pretend play to the next level, but it can be captured in real-time.

But before your daughter can dress-up, she needs costumes for girls in her closet. Here's a look at just a few of the most popular types of costumes for girls that we have for sale on our online store:

The Most Popular Types of Costumes for Girls

  • Princesses. This was a no-brainer. Young girls are in love with the idea of princesses. Princesses are women who are respected and adored. They wear gorgeous clothes and, in books and film, are often involved with adventures. It's easy to see that there's a lot to love about them. In fact, there's so much to love that we don't just offer one type of magical princess costume. We have a whole bundle of princess costumes for girls, including a three-in-one trunk that allows your daughter to easily pick and choose outfits and play with friends.
  • Fairies. Similar to princesses in that fairies tend to be depicted as part of royalty (and you can combine them to have a fairy princess), but this is a different type of costume. Fairies have magical powers. They have wands and tend to be closely aligned with animals and the environment. If you have a daughter who loves dresses and the outdoors, then consider this Flower Fairy costume or the Enchanted Fairy costume for girls.
  • Cowgirls. There have been a lot of western influences in pop culture in recent years and as such, we've been seeing more and more cowgirl-related costumes for girls. Our own cowgirl costume has become very popular. But it's not just being in pop culture that makes this costume resonate. As with fairies, cowgirls are inextricably linked to animals like horses, which have drawn the love of young girls for decades. If your daughter loves horses and cows and all things farm related, then this is a perfect costume for her.

When It Comes To Quality, Teetot Is the Industry Leader

We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing costumes for girls, but we think that we are the best choice. Our costumes are all crafted with high-quality materials and we are excited to bring you the best quality costumes for girls at the best prices. Visit our store to learn more and to browse our wide selection.

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