Three Game Ideas for the Perfect Princess Dress up Party

Girls Dress Up Party in Pink 

A kids' birthday party or any other fun event for your little ones is never complete without princess dress up games. They're not only fun to play, but also help children nurture their dreams, hopes, and sense of imagination. These games are more than physically having a special costume. By imitating the characters, princess dress up plays encourage children to practice different emotions, work together, and have fun.

Here are some classic party game ideas for your daughter's birthday, Halloween, Christmas, or any other fun party for little girls. Don't forget to get her a perfect princess dress up costume that's inspired by the game idea – she'll love it, feel special, and enjoy playing even more.

  1. Royal Princess Dress Up Relay

Prepare for the relay race by letting your little princess dress up in royal attire with her friends. Next, separate the kids into two groups.  Each team forms a straight line where each kid stands behind the other, so you end up having two parallel lines. Give each team a tray with an equal number of princess rings or any other fake jewel.

Once the field is set up, let the first kid on each line take a decorated princess pen and pick up the ring with a pen. They then run across the designated play area, place the ring in a bowl, and run back to the line. The first team to get all rings from the tray to the bowl is declared the winner. Everyone takes a ring home at the end of the game.

  1. Royal Ball Freeze Dance

This is one of the cool and fun games that kids of any gender can play. Let the kids put their princess (and princes) dress up attire on and assemble in the ballroom for some princess-themed music. Once they're ready, start playing the music as the kids dance. Direct the kids to freeze every time the music stops. Whoever does not freeze when you pause the music, is out. The last child to stick around is declared the winner and may be awarded a prize.

  1. Find the Majesty's Treasure

First, there's a missing treasure, usually some chocolate gold-covered coins or a princess crown hidden somewhere in the party area. Explain to the kids that they need to find the "royal treasure." Depending on their age, you can make the treasure difficult or hard to find or even provide clues on the location. The game’s aim is to ensure the kids find where the royal treasure is hidden and return it into the majesty's treasure box.

You can introduce this royal treasure hunt game by telling the kids a fantastic 19th-century story about lost gems by making up something that will serve as a backstory. Once done, let the princes and princesses take turns until they find the lost treasure.

With these princess-themed games, you can have a stress-free children's party that every kid will love. Start by getting the necessary party supplies, let your little princess dress up real nice, and delight her and her friends with these awesome games.

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