4 Reasons Toddlers Need Creative Play

The verdict is in: Toddlers thrive through creative play. Not only is creative play tons of fun for toddlers, but it also allows them to thrive physically, socially, emotionally and mentally.

Why Is Creative Play Important?

Creative play is important to toddlers for several reasons.

  • It allows them to develop their five senses. Toddlers use their ears to listen, their mouths to verbalize, their hands to craft and create, their eyes to comprehend – even their noses when pretending to be a chef in the kitchen!
  • Creative play allows toddlers to express how they see the world and their place in it. Listen to them as they talk while playing. You'll probably hear them re-enact something they’ve experienced at home or school. This allows them to make sense of different experiences.
  • It encourages toddlers to try different approaches and problem solve. This, in turn, leads to resiliency. Lego won’t fit? Try a different one. Art project doesn’t look how you imagined it? Turn it into something else!
  • Creative play allows children to communicate their feelings. When one toddler was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, he drew a picture of himself with an angry face then gave his picture to his mom. She responded with understanding, which enabled the child to calm down. Stories like this are common, and they're echoed in similar experiences as we grow and develop, and find communication and connection more important than ever.

How Do Toddlers Play Creatively?

Whether it’s playing dress-up, acting out scenes with dolls, or doing arts and crafts, toddlers' minds are hardwired for a variety of creative play activities. Here are just a few important ideas:

  • Drama is a great way for children to express their creativity. Toddlers can use a doll or a puppet to create a scene from a book or their daily lives. This allows both their imagination and social skills to soar as they act out different roles and relationships.
  • Visual arts and crafts provide a mega boost for children’s creativity levels. Depending on their age, this category can include finger painting, coloring, or playing with play dough. Toddlers love to explore new textures, like sticky, soft, or wet. Visual arts and crafts also enhance fine motor skills and boost confidence.
  • Music and dance are natural ways for toddlers to explore their creative side. Singing songs encourages basic memory recall and allows your toddler to practice their speech. Dance is also beneficial for its ties to gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and self-expression.
  • Building blocks are a key component of playrooms for a reason. Toddlers can use basic blocks, Legos, magnetic tiles, and more to build whatever their imagination produces. This fosters fine motor, problem-solving, and pre-math skills.
  • Last but not least, dress up is an important part of creative play for toddlers. The simple act of putting on a costume can lead to abstract thinking, problem-solving, increased socialization, and, most importantly, fun!

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